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APM StructFEM is a CAE system of strength analysis. In fact, it is an integral part of the APM WinMachine software product, but it can be used as an independent software product.

APM StructFEM software allows you to calculate stress-strain state (using the finite element method) of the three-dimensional objects of any complexity with arbitrary boundary conditions, static or dynamic (force or temperature) loading.

Preprocessor tools allow you to prepare a structural model for calculations using beam, shell and solid finite elements. The finite element mesh can be built automatically or manually. At the same time, you can load geometry from CAD-systems by importing STEP and SAT file formats.

Software also includes a special tool for joint calculation. It allows user to select optimal characteristics for joint, for example, the minimum required diameters and number of bolts or rivets, the fillet weld, etc.

APM StructFEM is intended for use in the following industries: road and railway transport, nuclear, oil and gas, lifting and transport engineering, education (in technical universities), etc.

This product is offered in two configurations:

  • ST — the dimension of tasks to be solved does not exceed 1.5 million degrees of freedom;
  • XE — there are no restrictions on the dimensions of the tasks to be solved (the actual dimension is limited by RAM of the PC).
Key features and benefits

Аdditional options are available:

  • Composite: calculation of structures made of composite materials;
  • Fracture: design calculation with crack analysis;
  • Fatigue: fatigue analysis, calculation using random loads;
  • Pipe: using special finite element for pipeline calculations
  • TopOpt: topological optimization of structures.

User guides are presented as separate documents for each APM WinMachine module:

  • APM Structure3D — module for calculating the stress-strain state, stability, dynamics of parts and structures by the finite element method;
  • APM Studio — pre- and post-processor for creating models for strength (finite-element) analysis with the ability to import STEP files;
  • APM Graph — a 2D parametric drawing and graphics editor;
  • APM Dynamics — the module of the kinematic analysis of lever mechanisms;
  • APM Joint — module for calculating and designing connections for machine elements;
  • APM Base — a module for creating and editing databases.

APM StructFEM is registered in the Register of Russian computer programs and databases. The calculated core of the APM StructFEM sofware product is the APM Structure3D module that also has a software certification certificate issued by ROSTEKHNADZOR, FBU NTC NRS.


Supported languages


System Requirements

Windows XP SP3 Professional, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8



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