Pipelines 3D

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Pipelines 3D


Pipelines 3D is a specialized application for KOMPAS-3D soft- ware; it is intended for automation of routine works on pipelines design. The library is intended for using in the machine building area and for designing utility networks.

Key features and benefits

This add-on offers the following features: 

  • Creates piping layouts, perform a variety of editing operations on them.
  • Manually arranges the pipeline’s elements.
  • Arranges elements and specifies specific types of couplings for each element. 
  • Allows different insets for pipes. 
  • Cuts selected pipe couplings. Rearranges bearing faces. 
  • Edits diameters and wall thicknesses of pipes.

Pipelines can be created in the following modes: 

  • By existing routes; 
  • By existing in the document paths or by their elements; 
  • In arbitrary mode.

The add-on can use user-defined components, as well as ones from the Standardized Parts Catalog add-on. Standard elements are included in the add-on:

  • Pipes defined by with user-specified parameters, such as designation, external diameter, and wall thicknesses. 
  • Pipes defined by parameters set by an integrated table of variables. 
  • Pipes defined by reference to materials and stock items. 
  • Outlets and tees defined by an integrated table of variables. 
  • Outlets and tees defined by the standard parts reference.




Supported languages


System Requirements

Windows XP SP3 Professional, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8