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Design with ASCON Solutions:
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For anyone with a passion related to the design, ASCON produces the Machinator game assembler for mobile devices. Machinator is from the Latin for “inventor,” and is a mobile game app that helps to develop engineering thinking in three-dimensional space.

This mobile construction app provides an environment of timed assemblies of fascinating three-dimensional models with differing degrees of complexity, from intersecting cubes to helicopters. The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Key features and benefits
  • Choose a model to assemble from the store (both free and paid models are available)
  • Use your brains and assemble it
  • Assemble it faster than anyone else and let everyone know about it
  • Share your results with friends
  • Check out the Model Store - there is sure to be something new there, something You will enjoy

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In this version we have added:

  • New convenient interface
  • Notification if new models are available
  • The game is saved automatically, so you can start to assemble complex model and continue it later
  • The best 100 players. You can see them in Menu -> Top100. Try to do your best to get the first place!
  • Increase difficulty. Models list is reordered each time you start the game


Supported languages


System Requirements

The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.



Get Machinator now

The add-on is available now free of charge through Google play store and App Store.