Quantities, Improved IFC and Better Coordination in the New Renga Release

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news 1 October 2021

Quantities, Improved IFC and Better Coordination in the New Renga Release

Renga Software team is excited to announce the latest release of the Renga BIM system!

With the new release of Renga, we are delivering even more capabilities specifically tailored to the way you work. We’re implementing new enhancements geared towards tools for automatic drawings production. We’re improving how Renga coordinates across products by generating new unique object IDs, and we’re giving your productivity a boost with new IFC functionality.

New quantities to use in your formulas.

AEC professionals of all stripes will benefit from the ability to use new quantities in their formulas. Every architect can now quickly calculate the glazing area for windows and doors and apply it to the model. Or, for example, users can now calculate reduced total thermal resistance using formulas, and then define energy efficiency class of the facade transparent structures.

Structural engineers can now calculate mass of the window structures using formulas; and use Mark parameter in formulas in order to create complex schedules of deliverable assemblies.

MEP engineers can use new quantities in formulas to calculate, for example, pipe line velocity when performing aerodynamical analysis.

New style of low voltage distribution board.

We continue on developing scripts written in LUA programming language to further expand our equipment styles set. Our users will surely appreciate the enhanced equipment list when designing for clients.

The result of us developing LUA scripts you can see in the latest Renga release that delivers the new style of low voltage distribution board. The new style comes with configurable parameters and a symbol level of detail which displays low voltage distribution boards as symbols in the drawings.

New IFC functionality.

Renga team significantly enhanced IFC4 export and import, so our users can be confidant that they are provided with fully certified IFC import and export based on buildingSMART IFC data exchange standards. With this improvement we've taken a step closer to OPENBIM approach and made data exchange much more secure.

To make IFC workflows even more useful, we added the ability to move objects to the Assembly and to edit them using nutation angles, precession angles and spin angles.

Generating new unique object IDs when creating a project from template.

Apart from buildings and facilities design, AEC professionals often face a more challenging task - how to coordinate the resulting 3D building models with other capital construction projects. Renga successfully covers the majority of designing and engineering tasks, but coordination is best performed in dedicated software like Solibry and Pilot-BIM.

When working on major projects consisting of several buildings or facilities, model coordination is crucial. That's why Renga development team implemented Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) that is associated with each object in a model. Unique identifiers can come in handy when users try to author and assemble models concurrently with other team members in data management software.

But we at Renga, realizing the importance of such task, implemented the ability to generate new GUIDs for all the necessary objects obtained from the template, thereby helping users to avoid the problem of assembling and checking a single coordinated model.

In this article we've introduced you to Renga BIM system latest release key features. If you want more information on the rest of new features, visit our articles page and read more about the improved Project Explorer, ability to set properties to Drawings, Tables and Schedules and many more.

Download our full trial version of Renga right now and experience all tools and functionality that will lead you to improved project outcomes.

If you want to familiarize yourself with all the new features of the new Renga release or learn more about the above, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the article in which you will learn about the innovations when working with the Project Explorer, about the properties of Drawings, Tables and Specifications for auto-filling stamps, etc. Update Renga and enjoy working on projects with new system functionality!