ASCON releases new KOMPAS-3D V20

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article 23 March 2022

ASCON releases new KOMPAS-3D V20

St. Petersburg, Russia: March 23, 2022 - ASCON Group, the leading Russian developer of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM systems, is pleased to release KOMPAS-3D V20 for mechanical engineers.

The recent version has new direct geometry editing tools, improved surface and sheet modeling functions, intuitive design, enhanced system speed and performance.

Toolbar management and other interface changes

Now you can manage different sets of toolbars, e.g. create your own toolbar set, customize it with frequently used commands, move, hide, or delete them.

Context bars can also be customized. They depend on the document the user is using and the selected object in the drawing such as face, edge, or line.

New surface modeling functions

The KOMPAS-3D surface modeling functions now include a brand-new type of surfaces, the Conic Section Surface, which is formed by moving a conic section curve along two guides, while the section parameters can change along the way. The result is an exceptionally smooth surface.

The surface built from a network of curves has also improved. Now you can use multi-segment curves as surface boundaries, set dependency chains of characteristic points, control the direction of mating surfaces, optimize the surface shape to obtain a more predictable result on an infrequent, curved grid.

A new command, Grid of Curvature Graphs, has been introduced to diagnose the smoothness of surfaces. The result is curvature graphs for the lines of the surface intersection with the planes located either parallel to the base plane or radially around the specified point.

New sheet modeling functions

You can now turn a solid or surface model into a sheet part, and then get a flat pattern, even if you have no model construction history. You can set various parameters of the sheet solid, angles, and bends. An automatic search is available for fillets that determine the position of bends in a sheet solid, and the resulting sheet solid is associatively linked to the original model.

The new Flanging command creates a bend along a freeform flat edge in a sheet solid.

Solid Stamping is another new command that creates a stamping in a sheet solid in the form of another solid previously created in the model. You can specify whether this solid is a punch or a matrix, and select faces for punching – holes will appear in their place in the stamping.

New control panel for product properties and components

User can enjoy the new Product Structure control panel to work with product properties and components. Product Structure will help you view and change the properties of components, refer to them in the current specification, add and remove them.

Insulation of steel structures and IFC import

A group of commands for steel structure insulation is available in the Steel Structures app. You can insulate a profile, a solid, or an entire face. Use the new commands to design a ship frame.

Another major feature of the application is IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) import. The new command opens an IFC file containing steel structures for further editing. IFC is an open format for data exchange between different BIM systems, such as Renga. After reading the steel structures, you can edit them with application commands, create structural engineering drawings and upload models for cutting on CNC machines.

What else?

KOMPAS-3D v20 has implemented over one hundred functional changes.

The 2D mode now includes an arc centerline that controls the length of the circular arc.

A new 3D modeling feature, the Cut command, allows you to separate a solid into parts, which is especially useful in tool and equipment design. With improved array commands, you can copy instances of other arrays. It is possible to include an axis and a thread in the hole array.

In order to meet the user needs, we have added the component isolation feature (not to be confused with insulation). This mode displays the selected components only.

Positioning has been improved in the associative drawing. A position symbol is now automatically included in the component specification object marked by a leader line. When the leader line starts within the face projection contour, the system automatically creates an associative link between the leader line and the face projection.

We continue to enhance performance and speed of various processes in both 3D modeling and drawings. We have accelerated such features as batch opening of documents, switching between document tabs, building an array of operations, performing the Hole operation with automatic detection of the application area, clearing the area, on-screen redrawing, etc.

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Pricing and Availability

KOMPAS-3D V20 is available now through ASCON’s worldwide network of value added resellers. For details and pricing, please contact them. To locate the one nearest to your region, please visit