Mechanical CAD with KOMPAS-3D

KOMPAS-3D creates associative three-dimensional models of individual parts and assemblies. The models can be made from original designs and/or standard part libraries. Its parametric technology allows you to quickly generate ranges of product models based on single prototypes. Numerous utility functions help you solve auxiliary design and production problems.

Fire-fighter truck, designed in KOMPAS-3D by Pozharnye Sistemy
Fire-fighter truck, designed in KOMPAS-3D by Pozharnye Sistemy

A key feature of KOMPAS-3D is that it uses its own modeling kernel and parametric system, both of which were developed by the specialists at ASCON.

The fundamental purpose of KOMPAS-3D is to model new products quickly, to reduce their design time and to launch them into production as fast as possible. These goals are reached by the following features found in KOMPAS-3D:

  • Quickly creates engineering and design documentation for production output, including assembly drawings, BOMs, and detail drawings.
  • Cleanly translates geometry to design applications.
  • Accurately exports model geometry to control-programs, such as for NC equipment.
  • Efficiently generates images and illustrations for product catalogs and operating manuals.

KOMPAS-3D supports IGES, SAT, XT, STEP, and VRML formats, among many others, allowing you to import and export models to and from a variety of other CAD, CAM, and CAE systems.

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