"KOMPAS-3D converting functions and its compatibility with other formats allow us to accomplish one of the most important project — aircraft onboard life support system design",

— Olga Zemtsova, Russian Aircraft Corporation "MIG"

Clients' References

TECHSOFT s.r.o Czech Republic:

"KOMPAS-3D is an excellent and really unique mid-range 3D MCAD system which includes the complex 2D solution. KOMPAS-3D deserves attention especially thanks to its complex 2D/3D functionality and its effective and practical tools. All these are achieved through its very good and comfortable user interface. I have to say that the KOMPAS-3D system surprises me every day — especially when I need to design something unusual after which I will find out that: “It is so easy with KOMPAS-3D”. In order to make the process of design more efficient — every designer should be aware of the truth that: “It is so easy with KOMPAS”",
Jan Pajerchin, TECHSOFT


"I'm completely satisfied with using of Kompas. Basically, we use it for 3D-modelling and getting drawings based on 3D-models",
Oscar Nurtaev, Permatech, Inc.

OPAL Ingénierie (France):
"Our company designs, builds and supplies handling and liquid-solid separation equipment and conveyors. Since the year 2006 we successfully use KOMPAS and now it is the main 3D solution in OPAL. As a result of one-year working in this system, we can state the increasing of our sales. The main advantage for us is the ability of pictorial demonstration of our projects to clients — thanks to a new model of designing we have already concluded several contracts and hope for a new ones in a nearly future",
Jean-Maurice de Carvalho, president of OPAL-Ingénierie

"On behalf of METRAN company we express our gratitude to ASCON for long-term effective cooperation in the field of implementation and support of computer aided design and process planning software complexes. It it very pleasant to realize that choosing software supplier in 2000, we made the right decision in favor of ASCON. With the help of ASCON software solutions we not only solved our daily wants, but also realized and worked out long-term IT strategy for our enterprise. Special thanks to ASCON technical support and consultants team, that helped us to implement software complex of ASCON Solutions integrated with our ERP system: SyteLine ERP",
A. Ermakov, Head of IT Department

"Our specialists have some experience in different CAD solutions, including AutoCAD, CADdy, SolidWorks. For the first time we've tried ASCON Solutions in 1999.
While choosing software for computer aided design we research a lot of different solutions existing on the market and have decided in favor of KOMPAS-3D, provided by ASCON Group. KOMPAS differs from other solutions by its easy-to-learn and use functionality, high quality of user specifications, wide range of corporate databases, optimal price point and low maintenance costs. KOMPAS export and import features allowed to use document prototypes created earlier via other solutions.
Among the doubtless KOMPAS advantages are easy of learn and use. It took less then ONE MONTH to study the program, even for users never worked with computer before»,
— Alexander Orlov, Head of the mechanization department

LUKOIL Oil Company, JSC "LUKOIL EPU Servis":
“On the basis of trying and learning several CAD Solutions our enterprise chose KOMPAS for work place automation. At the moment we already have 6 work places equipped with KOMPAS. From our point of view ASCON Solution for MCAD is much easier in learning and is also very cost attractive. Our specialist that have some basic experience in other CAD solutions learned KOMPAS just in few days. KOMPAS implementation gives us an opportunity to shorten the terms for product developmental work and to increase designer labour productivity”,
— P. Pekarnikov, General Director

Ilim Pulp, Ust-Illyimskoye Construction and Design Bureau:
"We've purchased 10 work place of KOMPAS-Graphic less then half a year ago, but we already see the results. Those specialists, who did not work with similar systems before, become proficient in KOMPAS very fast mostly because of the simple and intuitive user interface, well-structured help system and perfectly working technical support.
At the moment we cooperate with many foreign partners, who use other CAD systems, but KOMPAS export/import features allow to exchange data without any problems and thus cut down terms for product development»,
A. Dubov, General Director

Russian Aircraft Corporation "MIG":
"KOMPAS-3D converting functions and its compatibility with other formats allow us to accomplish one of the most important project — aircraft onboard life support system design»,
Olga Zemtsova, Chief Engineer

“We request from the basic CAD Solution to meet the following requirements: convinience of the software tool, simple integration and compatibility with other CAD/CAM/PLM systems used at the enterprise, easy for learn and use, wide range of references and corporate databases, opportunity to adapt solution for different company subsidiaries. Besides it was important to partner with reliable and well-known software vendor, the one who can provide all scope of technical support and training. We chose ASCON and at the moment have ove 300 work places with ASCON Software Solutions”,
Vladimir Karpov, Head of the Design and Manufacturing Department, Technical Development Direction

SUAL Group, Construction and Design Institute (SibVAMI):
“In 2004 SibVAMI Construction and Design Institute together with ASCON Group started the project aimed at implementation and all-round automation of the design data, creating of the e-archive and integrated environment. The project was completed in the shortest terms and now SibVAMI has over 120 LOODSMAN work places”,
— J. Prus, Head of the Automation Department

ROSCOSMOS (Russian Federal Space Agency), Perm Plant "Mashinostroitel":
"Our enterprise cooperates with ASCON over a year.The main factor for choosing ASCON design and engineering software was that ASCON is the leading Russian developer of the design and engineering solutions, as well as all-round automation. KOMPAS solutions proved its high quality and functionality. Many of our partners use it as the basic CAD system. We also have ASCON certified training center at Perm that allow us to regularly raising skills level of our specialists",
A. Sirotkin, Chief Engineer, M. Bayandin, Chief Production Engineer, G. Zakharov, Chief Designer

JSC "Gazprom", Bashtransgaz Co.:
"Bashtransgaz designing bureau installed complex of computer aided system KOMPAS-Graphic developed by ASCON. The basic task was arranging computer-aided release of the products documentation and organizing of integrated environment for bureau engineering document management. KOMPAS customized interface, simultaneous work with several documents make operations in KOMPAS very comfortable for user. KOMPAS-GRAFIK provides:

  • considerable speeding up for new projects implementation and documents release;
  • cutting costs for creating specifications and hight quality of the documents;
  • labour productivity increase, because of the composite work in the integrated software environment;
  • enhancement of the specialists skills and readiness for further innovations"

D. Valeev, Deputy of General Director, Construction and Repair

Applied Plasma Technologies (APT):
"Applied Plasma Technologies (APT) is working in the field of plasma ignition and combustion enhancement for gas turbines and boilers from the late 70s. From 2003 APT operates on the US and Western European markets. KOMPAS solutions are well suited for our tasks and we never meet any challenges in using the software. KOMPAS simplifies collaboration with our partners in Russia and Ukraine, speeds up production, reduces manufacturing expenses",
Svetlana Matveeva, General designer

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