KOMPAS-3D free on line seminar for Polish users

USŁUGI INFORMATYCZNE SZANSA, KOMPAS-3D distributor in Poland, would like to invite you to participate in on line seminar dedicated to KOMPAS-3D: Practical usage of KOMPAS-3D Mechanical CAD solution.

It is a good ability to become familiar with the capacities of KOMPAS-3D, the powerful and professional MCAD for reasonable money.

The seminar is free of charge. In order to participate in the seminar, you’ll need only a computer with Internet access.

The seminar will take place on 30th November at 2:00 P. M.

Due to the limited space, we accept attendees on a first come first served basis.

We cordially welcome to register now and send us the information about the seminars you are going to take part in by email at: biuro@dobrycad.pl

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