Specialists training and certification is integral part of effective CAD implementation at the modern enterprise.

ASCON provides specialists of your enterprise with training either after purchasing of the software and at the stage of its examination . Specialist’s certification is reliable criterion to evaluate the skills level in using the ASCON software products.

Training at ASCON: briefest time constraints and high quality

ASCON recommends training courses for all users of its software products, since this decreases period of familiarizing with the new systems to minimum, and accelerate returning on capital invested in the software.

In practice, cost saving in training causes considerable waste of time and decreasing of efficiency of using programs. It is necessary to manage software instrument in operation to duly perform a task. Your specialists will be able to use professionally the facilities of learned program package after week of studying, considerably shorten time constraints. Users will get all necessary skills in effective operating of our software. Administrators training are indispensable condition in supplying stable working of information system of construction and technological services.

Training quality is provided by high professional skill and great experience of our instructors as well as practice in integration systems at different enterprises.

Training is conducted at the offices of ASCON, authorized Training centers or directly at your enterprise, with invitation of ASCON’ instructor. All students will get certificates, if they complete their studies successfully.

ASCON offers to its customers different time-period and disciplines trainings, particularly:

  • Designing and development design documentation in KOMPAS-Graphic,
  • Parametric 3D designing of parts and assemblies in KOMPAS-3D,
  • Supplementary electives (their schedule adjusts with customer).

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