ASCON counts real cost of CAD software solution

What are we really paying for when buying low-cost MCAD?

Nowadays one can purchase CAD  at  low price, but in reality, instead of promised benefits, users get a lot of additional costs and limitations. Lets try to understand what will we really get for small amounts, which we can see in different ads:

Reduced functionality (also and in basic areas) with using of old developments

It is impossible to develop really up-to-date, professional and powerful solution without making an investments, but when price for software is as low there are no need and resources for vendor to spend money on R&D.

Additional costs for update and maintenance, as well as very high prices for training and support

When price for solution not defray expenses for its development, vendors begin to compensate it with overrated prices for different services, which they put at user's disposal. Calculate all these extra-costs and you will get  several thousand USD per year.

No support or maintenance

Small mistake in design of the product can turn out to be million USD losses at the stage of production or even worse sales. Without stable and reliable software such errors happens much more often and no vendor will be responsible for it.

Time and territory limitations

All of this “special” offers for CAD systems have tight regional restrictions, some of them also will support customer with a time-limited, water-marked, non-commercial user version of their CAD software.

This and many others will face user by making at a glance very good bargain. ASCON don't promise its customers MCAD software for a very low price with lots of limitations, but our KOMPAS solutions already includes maintenance and support, free trainings,  modern, powerful and professional functionality for a reasonable money, as a good deal in terms of quality and value.

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