PERMATECH relies on KOMPAS for professional 3D Design

ASCON Group, one of the leading developer of CAD/AEC/PLM, is pleased to present results of successful usage of KOMPAS-3D at PERMATECH Inc., recognized global leader in the manufacture of precast refractory components and the engineering of molten aluminium handling systems for aluminium casthouse applications.

An implementation of KOMPAS-3D professional solutions from ASCON, PERMATECH began in 2007. For many years the company has used classical 2D drafting and design solutions for design projects. However in today’s marketplace companies need to react fast, innovate and lead with technical innovation, to remain first in the field with customer projects.

3D Solid Modeling in KOMPAS-3D helped PERMATECH to make its design projects visual and more straightforward for customers, to reduce number of corrections and iterations, to proceed even faster and to satisfy customers with the highest level of quality. While PERMATECH still uses 2D for drawing, release documentation; KOMPAS-Graphic (included in the basic package) provides rich drafting functionality and offers parametric changes made in KOMPAS-3D. Using 3D Modeler in conjunction with 2D gives designers significant advantages in virtual simulation, visualization and optimization of modeling during the design phase and can reduce potentially costly errors in finished products. «Simply the ability to show our customers what we are proposing at the design stage has brought us to a new level of professionalism — we can review projects with clients quickly. In addition, this move enabled us to prevent miscommunications and ease collaboration with our manufacturing partners and subcontractors.» — said Oscar Nurtaev, Engineer at PERMATECH Inc.

In today’s economic situation every company looks closely at the cost of services and solutions. Doing professional, quality projects at a competitive cost is an important success factor. «All the 3D Modeling systems are quite similar and have like functionality, so why should one spend 5 times more money for the same result. I am familiar with KOMPAS from my University studies — at that time namely KOMPAS-3D V5.11 and KOMPAS-3D V6. Of course, subsequently the software was upgraded and its functionality improved, but still it was easy to resume work with version 9 of KOMPAS thanks to the easy-to-use and intuitive interface».

PERMATECH manufacture all shapes, regardless of size, to exacting customer requirements for refractory composition, dimensional tolerance, and surface cosmetics. It is extremely important to interact with customers and subcontractors at every stage in a project: from technical specification through design to project confirmation and further support. Visibility that gives 3D Modeling functionality with CAD solution viewing and compatibility options satisfy this requirement completely. «We primarily use the STEP format for data exchange with partners and contractors. Any individual part files I receive from my suppliers go directly into my design,» Mr. Nurtaev says, «Importing them is quite easy in KOMPAS.» For partners and customers without a CAD system installed, ASCON offers a no cost, easy to use KOMPAS Viewer solution.

Building a leading company in a complex technical environment is a complex task. Choice of powerful, stable and efficient productivity tools, including software solutions, is a primary requirement. The PERMATECH choice in favour of KOMPAS-3D was based on several factors, an important consideration, mentioned by Mr. Oscar Nurtaev was: «The modeler had to do what I needed it to do, and KOMPAS delivered that.»

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