German metalwork producer solves all of its design problems with KOMPAS-3D CAD software

Wolfgang Buscher Metallbau’ success story

St. Petersburg, Russia and Munich, Germany: May 30, 2011 — ASCON, developer and integrator of professional CAD solutions, is glad to present a new success story of Wolfgang Buscher Metallbau, Germany.

WB Metallbau is committed offering its customers manufactured metal products that are at the highest level of reliability and of durable quality. The company is constantly pursuing its goal of improving the production process and its products.

For many years, WB Metallbau used 2D software to design its products. However, 2D is no longer enough. The company found it had to react faster, become more innovative, and pay much more attention to technological know-how. For them, this was the only way to stay ahead in the market. To achieve this goal, they needed a high-performance, flexible 3D CAD solution. And for WB Metallbau, the solution was to implement KOMPAS-3D, the professional 3D design software from ASCON.

This steelwork construction was developed in KOMPAS-3D by Wolfgang Buscher

Range of Design Work

Starting in 2008, WB Metallbau began using KOMPAS-3D to design a steel staircase, and then went on to design several balconies, a gate, and a crane with the software. Everything from the 3D modeling through to technical documentation was accomplished with this software solution from ASCON.

The company now designs and produces all of its products with KOMPAS-3D. This consists of stairways, balconies, railings, and gates, as well as machines and components, such as vibrating grinders.

Better Collaboration with Customers

WB Metallbau produces parts and assemblies according to customer requirements, including materials, tolerances, and surface finishes. It is extremely important to the company to collaborate closely with its customers and subcontractors at every stage of the project, from the technical specifications through to design, documentation, and project acceptance, and then later providing additional services to customers.

The clarity made possible by the 3D functions of CAD software was fulfilled completely by KOMPAS-3D, for creating all required views and the manufacturing drawings.

“At the start of our projects, we use the STEP format to exchange data with suppliers and subcontractors. Some parts data that I receive from my suppliers go straight into my designs,” explained Wolfgang Buscher, owner of WB Metallbau. “I find that with KOMPAS-3D it is very easy to import them.” For suppliers and customers without the CAD system installed, ASCON offers the easy-to-use KOMPAS-Viewer at no charge.

Tray of vibration machine designed with KOMPAS-3D

Impact of Professionalism and the Economy

The current economic situation is forcing companies to reconsider the costs of its services and software solutions. To continue fulfilling projects professionally, yet maintain competitive costs, it is important to choose powerful, stable, and effective production tools, including CAD software.

WB Metallbau considered many factors before choosing KOMPAS-3D. One of the most important ones is described by Mr. Buscher: “With KOMPAS-3D, we design parts much faster, and the entire product is now available to us.” The other important advantage was the price of KOMPAS-3D. which is very reasonable for a system operating at such a high level.

Quick Familiarization

Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive interface, it takes new users little time to learn to use KOMPAS-3D. With the help of ASCON’s no-charge learning system called KOMPAS-ABC, users quickly learn the many typical approaches to working with it.

About the Company

Wolfgang Buscher Metallbau is based in Niederkirchen, Germany. The company was founded in 1994 by owner Wolfgang Buscher. Along with the production of typical metal items made of steel, the company offers a wide range of mechanical engineering and custom production services.

The primary aim of the company is to completely satisfy the expectations of its customers. This is attained in part through the use of KOMPAS-3D software from ASCON for the design and visualization of projects, which made WB Metalbau successful in goal of slashing production times for new products.

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