To the moon together with KOMPAS-3D

ASCON supports team „Selenokhod“ at Google Lunar X PRIZE

ASCON Group, developer and vendor of professional CAD solution, KOMPAS-3D, became an official partner of “Selenokhod” team, the only one Russian participant of Google Lunar X PRIZE. The aim of the contest is to create and to send a first privately owned robot to the moon, to travel 500 meters and to transmit video, images and data back to the Earth. In the frame of cooperation ASCON supported the team with powerfull 3D modelling system, KOMPAS-3D, for lunar rover' designing.

The idea of a new lunar rover inspired and joined researchers, designers and manufacturers all over the world. At the moment the draft proposals of the project are already approved and new technologies and solutions to be used on the moon are under the testing.

“We always try to support daring engineering projects therefore decided to partner “Selenokhod” team. KOMPAS-3D software is used at the majority enterprises of rocket and space industry, so the team' specialists also chose KOMPAS-3D for their work. We wish “Selenokhod” to win the competition and hope Russian space industry again will confirm its leading position in the industry” — said Dmitry Osnach, marketing director of ASCON.

Nikolay Dzis-Voynarovskiy, “Sekenokhod” team leader: “We are very glad, that ASCON supported us with their solution. “Selenokhod” is one of the favourites at the contest and KOMPAS-3D — one of the best CAD systems for 2D and 3D Modelling. We hope the solution will increase our chances for winning the competition”.

About the contest

The Google Lunar X PRIZE is igniting a new era of lunar exploration by offering the largest international incentive prize of all time. A total of $30 million in prizes are available to the first privately funded teams to safely land a robot on the surface of the Moon and have that robot travel 500 meters over the lunar surface and send images and data back to the Earth. Teams must be at least 90% privately funded, though commercially reasonable sales to government customers are allowed without limit.

Find out more about ASCON and KOMPAS-3D at ascon.net

More Information about „Selenokod“ team and the contest at www.googlelunarxprize.org/lunar/teams/selenokhod

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