KOMPAS-3D V11 Released!

ASCON to announce the awaited launch of its flagship MCAD Solution

ASCON Group, developer and vendor of professional CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, is pleased to present the release of its new, improved and even more powerful and easy-learning version of professional 3D and 2D software solution for Mechanical CAD – KOMPAS-3D V11.

This new release has new features which increase efficiency, quality and speed of designing process, to make fast and simple familiarization with the software, to provide special tools for steel construction, piping, sheet-metal design. KOMPAS-3D V11 users still get all these powerful abilities at a very reasonable price. We are pleased to share with you brief information about the innovative features and new add-ons in KOMPAS-3D V11.

3D Parametric Modelling and Design Improvements

New features for 3D modeling of parts and assemblies: Mechanical mates in assembly help to simulate movement, local coordinates in 3D systems considerably increase the possibilities for part and assembly modelling, scale for 3D models helps change the scale of parts, different types of assembly loading help increase the speed of working with large assemblies by a factor of more than 10. Bend by Sketch, Part to Assembly and Assembly to Part commands and many others increase the efficiency and speed of the 3D modelling process.

Trial and Demo mode protection update

Starting now, a 30-day fully functional trial version of KOMPAS-3D is available absolutely FREE.

You may use KOMPAS for 30 days to familiarize yourself with its wide range of features.

Download Professional KOMPAS-3D V11 at ascon.net/download.php.

Unwrap library

The add-on is included in the basic package of KOMPAS-3D V11. The library is intended to automate the design of dust, gas and air flues, pipelines and similar parts of sheet material. This add-on automates labour-consuming calculations and constructions and considerably increases the speed of creation of working drawings.

Standard Parts library

The database supplied with KOMPAS-3D V11 and it contains fasteners according to DIN and ISO standards.

Steel structures 3D

The library is also included in the delivery package. It is intended for automation of design process of metal constructions from metal rolling profiles.

Interface improvements

Context bar – it contains buttons for the frequently used editing commands and is displayed on the screen when selecting objects in the document and considerably increases speed of working with KOMPAS-3D.

New Icon Design – contains different sizes of icons, which allow the user to supply High resolution Displays supporting. Extended command toolbars allow for more interface customization.

New abilities for 3D curve and surface modeling

The new commands for creating 3D-lines considerably improve the design of complex 3D paths and trajectories.

The Deviation of Surfaces command helps to measure the mutual deviation of two faces (or a face and a surface).

Import/Export improvements

Enhancements in import of various CAD formats (SAT, STEP, IGES, Parasolid, STL) etc. Today it is possible to import 3D-models from DXF and DWG in KOMPAS-3D.

New features for working with 2D documents

The Multiline command creates a multiline – geometrical object consisting of several lines that are equidistant to the reference line.

The Cut command is introduced in the Edit menu. It hides the portions of the bitmap that are outside a chosen region.

Usage of Hyperlinks – the capability is introduced for creation of hyperlinks to current document objects, external files, web pages, e-mail addresses. The hyperlink is added to the object of the document as one of its properties.

These are not the only new features and enhancements in KOMPAS-3D V11 – in the new version are included more than 50 updates and improvements. For more information please visit ascon.net, contact us directly at contact@ascon.net or find KOMPAS reseller nearest to you in more than 30 countries at ascon.net/purchase/resellers.

Download a KOMPAS-3D V11 30-day trial version at ascon.net/download.php.

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