New add-on for KOMPAS-3D makes sheet metal design even easier

ASCON to present Unwrap Application

ASCON, developer of powerful CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, is glad to present a new application for professional MCAD systems KOMPAS-3D and KOMPAS-GraphicUnwrap Add-On. The library is intended to automate the design of dust, gas and air flues, pipelines and similar parts of sheet metal material. This add-on automates labour-consuming calculations and constructions and considerably accelerates the creation speed of working drawing for blanks of such parts. 'Unwrap library' is able to work both with KOMPAS-3D and KOMPAS-Graphic products. ASCON always tries to meet demands of its clients, so the add-on will be included in basic set of KOMPAS solution and to be supplied together with KOMPAS-3D V10 without extra costs.

This powerful and professional application allows to create unwrap drawings of selected units with specified precision, to calculate mass of product, to save coordinates of curves as text file. ASCON to support its customers with a brief video tutorial for familiarization and training of new add-on. The turorial helps KOMPAS user to become proficient in design with Unwrap Add-On easy and quick.

The following shapes can be unwrapped with the application:

  • Truncated cylinders
    Truncated cylinders
  • Different cones (including truncated cones and sloped truncated cones)
    Different cones (including truncated cones and sloped truncated cones)
  • T-branches of different cylindrical and tapered shapes
    T-branches of different cylindrical and tapered shapes

Moreover, a text file containing information on design points of the unwrap's contour can be created. This feature can be used for CNC machines.

If you have any questions regarding new application please contact us at contact@ascon.net.

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