Study 3D Modeling on KOMPAS-3D basis

ASCON to present a new training opportunities for 3D CAD beginners

ASCON Group, one of the leading developer and integrator of CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, suggests absolutely innovative trainings available for representatives of commercial industrial enterprises, independent designers, educational institutions or students. The way to 3D will be now easier and faster with KOMPAS.

ASCON always payed a great attention to education, suggesting its initiative KOMPAS-ABC system for easy CAD learning, offering educational programs for educational institutes and individual students, arranging regular trainings for software users.

Now with the latest release of KOMPAS-3D V10 ASCON offers a new service worked out together with its partners and resellers. KOMPAS-3D is a perfect solution for those who starts learning 3D and now the seminars are available not only for users, but also for those who only think about using 3D software. A part of qualified training based on classical professional Mechanical CAD solution – KOMPAS-3D. Participants of pre-sales trainings will learn basics of 3D modeling and parametric, assembling and drawings, sheet-metal modeling and many other features of classical mechanical computer-aided-design. As a pleasant offer the seminar participants will get an unique opportunity to practice in 3D using one of the most powerful, professional, as well as modern CAD software and temporary professional license of KOMPAS-3D will be available for them for the period up to 1 year after the training for studying or commercial usage.

"IBS-CAD-Coaching is ASCON-Partner and Reseller for KOMPAS-3D in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are located at the meeting-point of these three countries, on the beautiful Lindau-Island in the Lake of Constance. IBS is focused on CAD-Training and CAD-Support for many years. From the beginning our philosophy has been to provide intensive, professional trainings combined with a generous testing period before the customer makes the decision to buy the CAD-software. That is the only way for the customer to come to a knowledgeable, safe decision about CAD and it generated 100% of satisfied customers and high qualified CAD-users. Because of the support of ASCON we are now able to make an unique offer to companies which strengthens our philosophy in a perfect way: Confirm the IBS-Training-Plan and get one of the most powerful, professional and modern CAD software for free for a period up to 1 year. The companies can use KOMPAS for commercial work and for studying. Attending our Basic- (3 days) and Advanced-Trainings (3 days) the customers will become excellent CAD-users very fast and they will finally be able to come to a knowledgeable, safe decision about CAD, which is certainly one of the most important decisions for a company" – said Ing. Martin Schlattner, CEO of IBS-CAD-Coaching.

"KOMPAS-3D is an excellent and really unique mid-range 3D MCAD system which includes the complex 2D solution” – claimed Ing. Jan Pajerchin, TECHSOFT s.r.o Czech Republic, – "KOMPAS-3D deserves attention especially thanks to its complex 2D/3D functionality and its effective and practical tools. All these are achieved through its very good and comfortable user interface. I have to say that the KOMPAS-3D system surprises me every day – especially when I need to design something unusual after which I will find out that: "It is so easy with KOMPAS-3D". In order to make the process of design more efficient - every designer should be aware of the truth that: "It is so easy with KOMPAS". Which is why after finishing the KOMPAS-3D training seminars this very idea will materialize – for all the participants.

The quantity of participants and seminar programs may vary according to the region. Offer is limited for number of participants and territories. First trainings are already scheduled in Eastern Europe and Germany. Check schedule at ascon.net or request more information at contact@ascon.net.

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