Renga Architecture December Release Adds Even More BIM Magic!

St. Petersburg, Russia: December 29, 2016 – Building information modeling is knocking at your door as Renga Software ships the December release of its Renga Architecture software. New in this release are model navigation, element properties creation, and more drawing creation functions.

3D Walkthroughs. You've designed your 3D model for the building project, and now you want to look around inside it, assess everything that's been modeled up to now, and see the floor plans through the eyes of the future occupants.

The latest release of Renga Architecture adds camera-style navigation control. You move the camera through the model as if you were inside the building, controlling the camera's movements with your keyboard. Better yet, you can whisk about the building with the controls of a 3D mouse.

IFC Data and Tables. As you work with 3D models, you need to fill them with as much information about the buildings as possible. The data is stored as specifications and tables, data that is also needed by other departments, and is required for the building site. In Renga Architecture, you assign not just physical parameters, but additional properties like marks of materials you use, and exact physical or technical specifications. To handle all of this, we've implemented object properties management for creating, editing, deleting, and assigning data to objects in the model.

Do you need to assign additional physical and mechanical characteristics to a beam? Or indicate detailed characteristics of heat conductivity and breaking point of the insulation material layers in your building? Now you can do it easily with Renga Architecture. The information is exported to tables in a just seconds. Additionally, each property is assigned a unique identifier, and sets its parameters for export in IFC and CSV formats. You can export the entire model or only selected items.

Generating Drawings. We haven't, of course, forgotten about the automated creation of 2D drawings from 3D models. Now when you set mark for an element with the "Mark" command in Renga Architecture, you can reflect specified information in the drawing.

When drawings need to change according to their use, the design of marks can now be adjusted. For instance, leaders normally have thin solid lines with circles or ovals; however, when marking construction elements, a simple bent leader is enough. Now leader customization is easy and quick, as we added choices for marks, inscription text, and styles of extension line.

We continue to develop Renga Architecture as convenient BIM instrument. We invite you to create projects and generated project documentation with us!

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