Designing in KOMPAS-3D becomes Photorealistic

ASCON presents new application for photo rendering in KOMPAS-3D

ASCON and PRA Estetica ltd (Saratov, Russia) present co-operative software product — Photo Rendering Application - Photorealistica. The application is intended for creating photorealistic images of 3D-parts and assemblies, designed in KOMPAS-3D system.

Effective project presentation for customers becomes especially important in strong competition, production output and engineering process acceleration environment. It is often required when there is no complete product. 3D-modelling use simplifies this task, but created model image should resemble real, photographic image of future product. Photorealistica for KOMPAS-3D allows creating effective images of the product to use them in presentations and advertising. Interactive rendering mode is realized for library usability. This allows previewing of 3D-model with textures, applied in the scene. The application is totally available in English.

Photorealistica for KOMPAS-3D key features includes:

  • Built-in library includes a wide set of materials (different types of metals, woods, stones, plastics etc).
  • Material properties adjustment, such as surface color, reflection level, transparency, glossiness and texture.
  • Ability to specify materials for assemblies, parts, operations and surfaces.
  • Materials, scenes and lightening preview is realized for decreasing time of creating photorealistic image.
Lights and shadows
  • Creating omni lights, spot lights, point lights and distant lights.
  • Easy shadow managing, taking into account object transparency.
  • Setting and adjustment of any light source color and strength.
  • Creating background for better displaying of parts and assemblies.
  • Adding wide range of landscape decorations and saving them to 3D-model file.
  • Selection of previously created scenes including lights, background and decorations.
  • Standard scene selecting for quality image quick creating
  • Background import from JPEG, TARGA, TIFF, BMP.
Text and labels
  • Creating user labels and texts for product.
  • Text size, orientation and transparency adjustment.
  • Ability to add a number of labels and texts to one KOMPAS-3D part, element or face.

Photo realistic image displays in separate library window. It can be saved to a standard (JPEG, TARGA, TIFF and BMP) format with required resolution.

Thus, Rendering library allows to cut down costs creating of a quality product image in KOMPAS-3D before production output. Check for Photorealistica DEMO VERSION at Download page!

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