ASCON at Softool 2006. Photo-report. Part 2

September 27, 3D CAD-show took place at the exhibition in the "Machine-building" class. Audience had an ability to compare the performance of engineering task in KOMPAS-3D system with the performance of the same task in Autodesk Inventor.

Oleg Zykov and Vyacheslav Kashirsky successfully performed and demonstrated the design, using KOMPAS-3D. The audience of CAD-show estimated the advantages of KOMPAS-3D system in the area of 3D-modelling, creating parts and assemblies and also performing drawings with tremendous ovation.

Dynamic workmanship competitions were continued at our showcase. They attracted a lot of participants, designers and production engineers and also gathered wide audience.

Competition participants are being rewarded.

The winner of "Full diving" competition (designing a submarine with KOMPAS-3D) was Alexander Shibeev ("RPC "Packer" ltd., Oktyabrsky, the Republic of Bashkortostan)

The winner of the first "Tune to VERTICAL" contest for workflow designing with new ASCON' system was Vitaly Zakharov (FSUE "RAC "MiG", Moscow)

Alexander Gordeev ("Moscow bearing") was acknowledged as the next "Tune to VERTICAL" competition winner.

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