ASCON Adds Functional Enhancements to KOMPAS-3D V15

Service Pack 1 delivers greater efficiency to new and existing users

St. Petersburg, Russia: September 15, 2014 — ASCON Group, the developer and integrater of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM software systems, is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for KOMPAS-3D V15. This service pack contains improvements and several new functions designed to allow our customers to carry out 3D modeling more effectively.

The most important new functions in SP1 are these:

  • Additional thread fitting options
  • Third-angle projection method
  • Setup dialog box for exporting models in STL format

Additional Thread Fitting Options

The Cosmetic Thread command has been improved with additional fitting options. When a thread is fitted to a conical or spherical surface (with an axis common to another element), then SP1 enables additional types of fittings. These apply to examples like threaded rods with chamfers or fillets (see figure below), or threaded holes with conical bottoms.

Adjusting the thread length through new offset parameters
Adjusting the thread length through new offset parameters

The benefit to users is that they can move the upper border of the thread to preserve the height of the chamfer or fillet; similarly, the bottom border can be moved to retain the length of the thread's base surface. When creating or editing cosmetic threads, SP1 enables these new options through the new Offset 1 and Offset 2 switches in the Properties bar.

Third Angle Projection Method

SP1 makes it possible for KOMPAS-3D to place drawing layouts according to the requirements of ISO 128-30 2001 (E). The two new layouts options are By first angle or By third angle. The layout spacing is specified through the new Projection Method options in the new View Parameter Setup dialog box. (See figures below.)

Specifying the spacing between layout projections

The By first angle method is enabled by default. The view placement scheme is in accordance with the GOST 2.305–2008 standard.

Choosing first angle or and third angle projection
Choosing first angle or and third angle projection

Users benefit by being able to place layouts quickly according to ISO and GOST standards.

Setup Dialog for Exporting in STL Format

The new STL Export Parameters dialog box selects the types of objects to be exported, whether bodies or surfaces. It also allows users to specify the coordinate system, the units of length for the exported triangles, and the precision in which model is saved. (See figure below.)

New options for saving models in STL format
New options for saving models in STL format

The precision options include these:

  • Maximum linear deviation of triangular faces from source surface
  • Maximum angular deviation of triangular faces' normal lines from each other
  • Maximum length of a triangular face's edge
  • These new options give our users greater control of STL exports, such as for 3D printing.

About Kompas-3D V15.1

KOMPAS-3D V15.1 can be installed on computers already running KOMPAS-3D V15, in which case the software is updated to 15.1, or else on new systems where the software is not yet installed. Files created or saved in KOMPAS-3D V15.1 cannot be opened in KOMPAS-3D V15 or earlier versions.

KOMPAS-3D V15.1 is available through physical or digital delivery. Please contact your local supplier for more information; to locate the one nearest to your area, please visit ascon.net/en/main/partners/.

To try out all the new functions, download our 30-day free trial of KOMPAS-3D V15.1 from ascon.net/download/kompas/items/?dl_id=532

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