Forum “CAD White nights 2006”

CAD implementation experience, the issues of efficiency. Russian CAD sector characteristics.

Annual forum “CAD White nights 2006”, the central event holded by ASCON Group for CAD and PDM customers, took place on May 23–25 in Saint-Petersburg in “Gelios-hotel”.

During the forum different aspects of effective software complexes implementation were discussed. At the press conference the ASCON and customer-companies representative commented upon those issues. According to Dmitry Eliseev, IT director of “SALUT”, economical effect from CAD implementation was achieved particularly by decreasing the number of pre-production models for testing and tweaking. In the soviet time and without CAD systems around 50 testing engine templates would be needed. Nowadays, we need only 2–3 of those as well as we need only 2 years against 10 years in the past. The company representative also mentioned that without CAD it is almost impossible to realize technologies of aircraft-propulsion engineering.

The head of CAD department of “AUTOVAZ” Vladimir Karpov said that one major defect found with the help of CAD system on the designing stage can recompense a year costs for CAD implementation. The head of the IT department of Chepetsky mechanical factory Tagir Abashev stated that after implementation of the e-archive based on LOODSMAN:PLM the labour productivity raised on 70%.

Evegny Bahin, Strategic Development Director in ASCON, stated that based on the company experience, economical effect of the CAD software implementation makes around 30 percents of all the costs for maintenance of designing departments. All participants agreed that for native companies there is still a problem in estimating the CAD implementation.

Forum program was full of reports regarding CAD and PDM implementation. Besides the case-study presentations from “SALUT”, “AUTOVAZ” and Chepetsky mechanical plant, the development and implementation of ASCON solutions on other enterprises were highlighted. As Dmitry Poskrebishev, engineer Khabarovsky NPZ,  stated in his report, with the help of LOODSMAN:PLM the enterprise documentation workflow was organized and transparency of the designing bureaus was reached.

Sergej Kurmin and Aleksej Vojtenko, the representatives of “Project-Tehnika”, reported about development of the unified information space for holding, based on LOODSMAN:PLM and 1C:Enterprise as well as about organization of the cooperation on the factories and designing bureaus.

Natalia Zamjatina, specialist of the informational preproduction systems department of the “SEVMASH” (Severodvinsk) told about development of unified informational space on their enterprise with the help of LOODSMAN:PLM. This enterprise among first customers started the pilot project of using new CAPP Solution VERTICAL.

During the special section participants had a chance to learn more about new VERTICAL 2.0, even before its actual release. Other sections were dedicated to designing preproduction, controlling of engineer data as well as building solutions.

New libraries of animation and photo reality have attracted much interest during section dedicated to the new version of the KOMPAS-3d V8 Plus. ASCON stated their plans for future development of this system. In the near future the users will have the universal tool for calculation of the article’s kinematics.

Also an express contest so called “Yellow submarine” of 3D modeling took place among the Forum participants. The participants had to design a model of a submarine at KOMPAS-3D. Designers, representing different companies have successfully completed the task on time. This contest attracted much attention of the participants.

Some forum statistics: over 120 company directors and specialist took part in this forum, with over 50 companies of Russia (Central region, North-Western, Volga Region, Ural, Siberia), Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia. Participants wished that discussed topics regarding development as well as detailed analysis of the effective work of the CAD and PDM systems will be researched and the problems regarding implementation will be solved. Based on the opinion of participants, “CAD White nights” was confirmed as a significant annual event and that they look forward to take part in it again.

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