CAD as Art

ASCON Announces the KOMPAS-3D Modeling Contest for 2014

When designers carefully work with all their creativeness on assigned tasks, realize their designs as 3D models through the wide range of functions available in CAD software, do their best to bring the work to perfection, and work constantly at improving themselves, why can designers not be considered creators, and CAD as art?

As the developer and integrator of professional CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, ASCON Group is pleased to again announce the annual KOMPAS-3D Modeling Contest 2014. KOMPAS-3D is the high performance, cost effective, easy to learn software solution for mechanical design. Held annually, the modeling contest showcases the abilities of individuals and design firms using KOMPAS-3D to model a wide variety of 3D and 2D designs.

This year is special for the company as it celebrates two significant anniversaries:

  • ASCON Group established 25 years ago
  • KOMPAS-3D software reaches 15 years of development

From now and until of June 1, 2014 all current and future ASCON customers are welcome to submit images of their design projects made with KOMPAS-3D.

The winning results from previous years are exhibited at ASCON's online Design Gallery. The 3D models show off the latest products, newest buildings, and complex industrial facilities. Many of the projects seen here as 3D CAD models were subsequently implemented successfully as machines, engines, and other products in industries worldwide.

About the Contest

This year, ASCON is accepting projects developed in KOMPAS-3D in following categories:

  • 3D assembly models of products
  • 3D models of construction projects

To participate, simply fill out the official application form, and then send it with your KOMPAS-3D project files or screen shots to contact@ascon.net. All companies and individuals using KOMPAS-3D V9 through V14 can take part in the contest.

Deadline is June 1, 2014. In September, 2014 the winners of the KOMPAS-3D Modeling Contest 2014 will be awarded valuable prizes from ASCON and sponsors of the event. General Partner is NVIDIA; other sponsors include 3DConnexion and Arbyte.

You are welcome to take part in the competition and share results of your work made in KOMPAS-3D. We await seeing your projects, and so wish you good luck! For more information about Contest 2014, please contact us at contact@ascon.net.

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