ASCON in CNews TOP 100 Rating — still the only one among CAD developers

ASCON Group is included in CNews100: The largest Russian IT companies rating. This rating, devoted to Russian and world IT market, is performed annually by well-known internet publisher CNews.ru.

The research covered 100 participants. The largest part of participants were the companies that implement the complex automation, deliver the equipment and software as well as integration of IT solutions services. Considerable part of those companies work also at the consumer market of informational technologies.

In our days IT ratings are also the ratings of informational openness. ASCON as before is the only one among CAD developers to appear in CNews rating.

CNews.ru is one of the leading internet publishers, writing about high tech. Currently Cnews issues over 200 news per day. The markets of telecommunication, computer equipment, software, e-business and information security are in the filed of vision of this publisher. Around 80–90 thousands visitors per day read those news.

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