KOMPAS-3D V8 Plus Announced!

ASCON Group is pleased to announce about the new version of KOMPAS-3D V8 Plus — three-dimensional solid-state modeling system. The company employees constantly improve the solutions by adding new possibilities for modeling more complicated parts, raising convenience and work rate of the constructors and production engineers as well as providing the information flow to the different sub-divisions of enterprise such as: workshops, purchase, sales and planning departments.

The most important innovation in KOMPAS-3D V8 Plus is the multiple solid modeling — designing of the multiple solid states in one part. Multiple solid modeling expands the possibilities of model design and takes off the restrictions for model production that can be achieved only by solid combination, subtraction or intersection. Now the designer does not have to start from one basic operation or elements, connected to it. It is not possible to design a model starting from any part of it and creating as much solids as needed. 

Among new important developments are the revisions of the sheet metal design and the command spatial polygon line.

Russian companies integrate more and more into the world economy, the cooperation with foreign companies plays quite an important role and international standards becomes very relevant. In the new version of KOMPAS-3D the whole range of object drawing design revisions were performed in order to support different standards of documentation (such as ISO, GOST, ESKD and etc.)

Other new developments were implemented in order to improve and facilitate the designer’s work:

  • Intellectual command Line intended for a fast line drawing, composed of sections and arcs of circle. The method of section or arc development is set by system automatically, depending on the basic objects specified by user.
  • Automatic spell check.
  • Greatly increased the speed of associative kind development.
  • Possibility to save models, graphical documents and specifications in eDrawings format. Documents, saved in this format have a small size and can be viewed as well as printed out with eDrawings Viewer distributed free-of-charge. 
  • All converters for such data types as DXF, DWG, IGES and etc. are already included into the basic KOMPAS functional.

Nowadays CAD-systems have to meet higher requirements. In order to accelerate the efficiency of products, the companies start to use the concepts of “virtual production”. The computer aided design solution should represent the future article in all details and be the data source for company’s informational system. ASCON develops CAD system in compliance with those tendencies. At the same time with KOMPAS-3D V8 Plus two new libraries are released. 

Animation Library is designed is designed for motion simulation (animation) of product developed with KOMPAS-3D three-dimensional solid modelling system. It allows to simulate the real-work motion of product component parts and assemblies.

KOMPAS-3D is the basic system for design automation of preproduction engineering and design at thousands enterprises in Russia and other countries. Feed back from our customers and their experience in 3D modeling are the important sources of the system development and improvement. KOMPAS customers perform their most complicated and interesting projects at the annual KOMPAS-3D Modelling Contest. ASCON conducts open testing of the beta-versions for new releases of the solution, keeps the constant contact with the users, our technical support can be reached at any time by e-mail, phone and instant messaging system.

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