KOMPAS-3D V13 German Version is released!

Over 100 enhancements power the updated high-performance MCAD system

ASCON Group, a leading developer of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM systems, is pleased to announce the release of KOMPAS-3D V13 German Version. This professional mechanical computer-aided design system is distinguished by its powerful functions in the 3D and 2D design processes, a user-friendly interface,  easy to learn features, and flexible collaboration with third-party software — all enhanced by reasonable pricing and now fully available for German speaking users.

This new release features more than 100 enhancements that permit customers to increase their productivity through better usability, simplified product development, and quicker design-to-product processes — with fewer errors along the way.

Solid Modeling and Drawing Enhancements

KOMPAS-3D V13 allows you to specify arrays from data in a table. See the figure below for an example of this new technique.

The construction of curves is refined with options for creating cylindrical spirals, filleting curves, and editing the shapes of spline by their vertices. Conical shells can be unfolded.  Faces can be extruded and revolved without needing sketches. (See figure below.)

Advanced Surface Modeling

New types of surfaces have been added to KOMPAS-3D, which can be analyzed:

  • Curve to a law
  • Spline on a surface
  • Outline
  • Isoparametrical curve
  • Group of isoparametric curves on a surface
  • Curve by two projections
  • Projective curve
  • Contour

The smoothness of surfaces can now be verified visually through zebra striping.

BOM and Properties Reporting

The new auto balloon function inserts balloon leaders automatically in 2D drawings, details, and 3D assemblies.

Properties can now be assigned to drawings, views, details, and macro elements. The properties of object properties in models and drawings can be presented in reports. These report are associative, and can include properties of the model depicted by the drawing and its objects. Reports on graphic documents can be inserted in the document.

New Add-Ins

The new APM FEM (finite element methods) add-in is a fully integrated stress analysis solution that operates in a single window. (See figure below.)

The new is a powerful tool that increases the productivity of designers making moulds for the plastics industry. It increases design quality and therefore improves the competitiveness of companies producing these products. (See figure below.)

The add-in implements the following functions:

  • Analyzes the parts of 3D models
  • Designs the shapes for the parts of die moulds
  • Models of the moulding channeling system

The new Dimensional Chain Calculation add-in places dimension chains in drawings and details. (See figure below.)

The new Welding Symbols library creates welding seam designations in drawings according to the standards specified by ISO 2553:1992 and DIN 22553-1997. (See figure below.)

The new Pack and Go add-in packages project documents to a single file or folder. The package file includes documents from KOMPAS documents and related programs. The package can be used to easily transfer project documents to other computers, be used for backups, to transmit files to clients, and so on. Files are saved so that they load correctly on the destination computer with KOMPAS-3D or KOMPAS-3D Viewer installed.

New Artisan Rendering

The add-on enables creation of high quality images of virtual products or buildings, whilst they are still being designed in the MCAD solution. Artisan is easily integrated directly within KOMPAS-3D system and its simple workflow process enables a faster design to final image creation.

Pricing and Availbility

KOMPAS-3D V13 is available now through ASCON’s worldwide network of value added resellers. Please contact them for additional details and the pricing. To locate one in your region, please visit: ascon.net/main/partners.

To try out these new features, download KOMPAS-3D V13 for a 30-day free trial from ascon.net/download/kompas/

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