About ASCON Group


ASCON works to help its customers to grow their business by means of up-to-date information technology solutions.

Design with ASCON Solutions: Powerful Functionality! Easy-Learning! Cost-Effective!


ASCON was founded in 1989 as a private company, becoming one of the first CAD/AEC/PLM developers and integrators in Russian and CIS member countries. Our software solutions address key engineering design issues, such as accurate 3D modeling, preparation and release of drawings and design documentation, business process development, and engineering data management.

Today, ASCON is a dynamic company employing 800 highly qualified specialists. The company operates 60 offices and dealer centers in major industrial regions worldwide. Each branch office provides a full range of services in software implementation, IT consulting, personnel training, software integration, and support.

The number of KOMPAS installations exceeds 75 000 seats in automotive, heavy machinery, aerospace and defense, agriculture, oil production and power generation, manufacturing and construction, electronics and engineering industries.

ASCON Solutions — Professional Value for Reasonable Money

ASCON Business Areas

  • Developing integrated CAD, AEC, and PLM software solutions
  • Providing consulting services for boosting enterprise productivity
  • Supplying integrated automated systems for managing engineering data
  • Integrating ASCON solutions with third-party applications
  • Supporting and maintaining CAD, AEC, and PLM solutions across the customer base
  • Arranging educational support programs for professional users and students

ASCON Priorities

ASCON develops solutions that range from mathematical kernels to ready-to-go systems. In serving industry, we focus on the following priorities:

  • Boosting the Competitive Edge. In today's competitive environment, businesses are challenged to expand their product range, improve product quality, promptly react to changing customer needs, and cut production costs. By using ASCON’s CAD, AEC, and PLM solutions, your company slashes the production preparation time for new product launches.

  • Better Data Management. Right management decisions can be made only when accurate and timely information is available. A company-wide shared information environment created with the help of ASCON products assists your company in harmonizing and securely storing your operational information, while avoiding redundant records.

  • Intellectual Property Protection and Economic Security. In today’s business environment, intellectual property constitutes a sizable percentage of the manufacturer's potential. ASCON's security solutions fully protect your new product’s data from unauthorized access.

  • Financial Optimization. The cost and functionality of software products must respond to the current and future needs of enterprises. ASCON solutions are one of the best on the market in terms of value for money. The functionality of ASCON's core products rapidly expands to stay in line with your changing needs.

  • Secure Investment. To help companies achieve their long-term strategic objectives, all-round automation is well worth the investment. Your investment in ASCON solutions makes sense, for our software is cutting-edge and is guaranteed to work — backed by our successful decades-long track record in the marketplace.

ASCON is proud to list many flagship industries among our customers. Our relationships, which grow stronger with every year that passes, are now solid partnerships. As we grow together, we take on ever greater, more meaningful challenges.

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