The Steel Structures 3D add-on automates the design of steel structures from standard profiles.

Works with:

  • KOMPAS-3D.

The following objects can be used as templates for designing with the Steel Structures 3D add-on:

  • Straight sketch segments.
  • Polyline segments.
  • Straight edges of solids.

Profiles can be selected from the template folder. The structure’s position can be set or modified. Displacement directions and part turns are displayed when changing the orientation of the structure. Various ways of orientating structures spatially and the processing of parts are accessible to you.

The Steel Structures 3D

Lengths of profiles can be modified, on the basis of steel structure parts created from the by the Steel Structures 3D add-on. Easy editing allows changing parameters of existing objects, such as trimming and extending.

This add-on also generates reports on selected objects. The report can be previewed and objects can be grouped by their properties. The report can be saved as a KOMPAS-3D document, or as a spreadsheet table that can be read by Open Office Calc and Microsoft Excel.

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