Materials library

Material library is database of information about materials that are used to manufacture products. Materials Library applies physical and mechanical material properties to 3D models designed in KOMPAS-3D.

An object of this Materials library is a material, shape, processing, document that defines requirements to an object or its properties, assortment, assortment example.

When performing design and development activities in different areas, preparing the production process technologically, preparing design documentation, you will need information about materials that are used to manufacture products (for example, designations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys, non-metal materials, lubricants and technical liquids, their physical and mechanical, technological properties, chemical composition, purpose and application areas, available substitutes and replacement conditions, assortments in use).

The Materials Library (hereinafter — the Reference) contains the above-mentioned information making it possible to view and modify them.

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