ASCON Partners Program

The ASCON Partners Program provides four levels of service,depending on the amount of interaction you require, your company’s specialization, and business needs. The levels are as follows:

  • Registered Partner
  • Silver Partner
  • Gold Partner
  • Platinum Partner

ASCON Provides Partners with Education and Training

ASCON pays special attention to the partner’s professional qualifications and experience with the market. We arrange regular training seminars on our software, sales, marketing, and business development for ASCON partners.

Education Type Partner Status
  Registered Silver Gold Platinum
Trainings and Education on KOMPAS-3D, Basic
Sales, Marketing and Business Development Trainings  
Training on KOMPAS-3D, Extended    

Trainings are Free Of Charge for Partners and can be held in ASCON or Partner's office. Partner to take care about the travel expenses for seminar.

Partner's Benefits from cooperation with ASCON

  Partner Status
  Registered Silver Gold Platinum
Agreement for sales and promotion of ASCON solutions
Agreed Regional price policy
Participation in ASCON Marketing Regional and Global Activities
Information about Partner at web-site
Partnership KIT (depending on Partner's Status)
Information Support from ASCON  
ASCON prospect generation reports  
Non-Activated Product Stock at Partner's Office  
Benefits of Sub-resellers network    
Access for Internal Informational Resources and Planning    
Partner's Training center establishing    
Additional customized discount opportunity according to sales volume      
Special shipment and activation conditions. Crediting Option    
Opportunity to use ASCON (KOMPAS) trademarks in the Company name      
Marketing activities reimbursement program   up to 20% up to 30% up to 50 %

To know the details on partnership with ASCON, please, fill out the form here or contact us at

Partnership Kits

Registered Partner

Registered Partners receive the following benefits:

  • KOMPAS-3D with all add-ons, except PhotoRendering.
  • One license, time-limited for six months, or a one-seat standard license available for a 50% discount.
  • Software updates, maintenance, and support free for the entire agreement period.
  • Multilingual demo CD.
  • One set of marketing brochures.

Silver Partner

Includes all Registered Partner benefits, plus the following ones:

  • Five sets of marketing brochures.
  • Three time-limited dongles and activations for online software validation.

Gold Partner

Includes all Silver Partner benefits, plus the following ones:

  • One additional dealership license of KOMPAS-3D, activated for the duration of the agreement period.
  • Three additional time-limited dongles and activations for online software validation.

Platinum Partner

Includes all Gold Partner benefits, plus the following ones:

  • Two more dealership license of KOMPAS-3D, activated for the duration of the agreement period.
  • Five additional time-limited dongles and activations for online software validation.

Marketing Reimbursement Program

Our Marketing Reimbursement Program aims to support the regional promotional activities of our partners' and their products. This includes public relations, marketing, events, and the production of marketing materials.

To apply for next year’s Marketing Reimbursement Program, Platinum, Gold, and Silver Status partners should send ASCON their marketing plans and expenses before December 20th of the current year. The reimbursement period starts each year on February 1, and funds must be used up during the year.

The ASCON partnership program manager will determine the requirements based on sales volume, and then will return a fixed sum for expenses. The reimbursement amount is adjusted according to the Partner Status. Partners can be further reimbursed when they meet or exceed their sales plans.

The marketing expense reimbursement is based on the Calendar Year Sales Plan results. Partners are reimbursed according to the number of activated copies of ASCON software they license to customers.

How to Become ASCON Partner

To apply to become an ASCON Partner, fill out the online application form. It allows us to understand your business and suggest the most suitable partnership level for your business.

An ASCON representative will contact you within three business days after receiving the online application form, and will discuss with you the partner status your company can expect, as well as other cooperation details. Your partner status is defined according to the amount of experience your firm has in the CAD/CAM/PLM market, your sales volume of ASCON solutions, the amount of shared marketing activities, and other requirements.

ASCON and the new partner then sign the appropriate dealership agreement. Later, your partner status can be changed, depending on meeting the sales plans, your marketing activities, and your proven competence in ASCON solutions.

The partnership status is re-approved every year, provided you meet the requirements.

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