KOMPAS-3D helps emergency services to save lives

Russian engineering center of emergency services — Fire systems Co. Ltd., introduces new unique fire-fighter truck, designed in KOMPAS-3D from ASCON. Fire systems Co. Ltd. develops vehicles, engines and other fire extinguishing equipment for many years. The new track is designed to make the difficult work of rescues as safety and effective as possible to be able quickly to help people in emergency situations.

In March 2010 Engineering center of Fire systems Co. Ltd. brought a new product to the market — fire and rescue engine. The new track was developed under requests of The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and fire services department. Such kind of technical equipment is aimed at fire extinguishing in the high-rise buildings and industrial objects, including objects of the petrochemical industry. A special features of the fire and rescue track is a newest extension ladder with cradle and crane capacity of three tons AL 34, fully designed in Mechanical CAD solution, KOMPAS-3D. The Crane arm is able to disassemble debris, to remove obstacles from the road to get to the place of emergency and to pull different vehicles with the winch. “This new fire-fighter truck has much more compact size and ergonomic design than currently existing models. Another one big advantage — the price of the engine is several time lower as all the similar ones on the market”, — mentioned technical director of Engineering center of Fire systems Co. Ltd., Alexander Cheremahin.

After evaluating several CAD software solutions, existing on the market, Engineering center of Fire systems Co. Ltd. chose ASCON company as a partner. The implementation of KOMPAS-3D professional solutions from ASCON began in 2005. Currently the center uses the latest version of the solution — KOMPAS-3D V11 with the newest add-ons. Each new product created in the engineering center now contains the complete virtual 3D model, made in KOMPAS-3D. The solution allows designers and engineers to develop very complicated models, consisting of many thousand of parts, with minimum number of staff. The extension ladder AL 34 contains 8 820 parts. The entire project was completed by a team of just seven people, including a young specialist — last year graduate of the Technical University.

Through the use of modern and professional MCAD software solutions the designing and production' cycles, as well as costly errors were reduced considerably. That is especially important in today's economical situation and high level competition on the market. Now the team of the Engineering center is able to develop a new technical equipment for 4-9 months, that is much faster than before. “The design of the project from the first steps was made in KOMPAS-3D. That allowed us already at the conceptual design stage to evaluate the assembling of the project, to define dimensions, to estimate mass and centering characteristics, load, to calculate strength and stability, as well as considerably to reduce time of designing and number of errors”, — said designers of the project, Alexander Shalamov and Oleg Besov.

Thanks to KOMPAS-3D, less than for five years the Engineering center has completely automated key processes of products design and manufacturing, has achieved the highest level of visibility and collaboration across entire design team. In addition, the company has reduced design errors that previously led to costly delays and high volume of wasted materials. With ASCON solutions Fire systems Co. Ltd. is not only modelling products much faster, it is reusing designs groundworks to maximize its return on investment. Engineers use the software to create 3D models that completely responds their design intentions,making the fitting and rendering tests easy, as well as eliminating omissions and errors. The new fire-fighting and rescue track from Fire Systems Co. Ltd. is now successfully serves as reliable mate for emergency services and allows quickly to help and save more people's lives.

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