Designers rely on KOMPAS-3D both for work and creativity

ASCON Group, one of the leading developer of CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, is pleased to present successful usage results of KOMPAS-3D by Robson Yuri, Flexonews Editora Ltda.

Many engineers and designers are so much keen on modelling, that they apply their talents not only at work, but also and at leisure time. Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Robson Yuri is one of them. Having professional skills, high level of creativity and powerful software solution at his disposal. Mr. Yuri is a designer with six years experience. He is working in Flexonews Editora Ltda as production engineer and press technician. The company acts directly in area of labels converting, labeling and packings, as well as design parts and accessories. Flexonews serves engineering sector of the machines manufacturing companies in Brazil. “When we think about a parametric software, we usually imagine complex devices, great constructions, machines with many details, aircrafts and many other products. Of course, it is so, but we must remember, that everything in the universe starts with very small — an atom, cell or fragment. This also occurs in drawing of great and complex structures. In contrast of many people think, parametric software KOMPAS-3D is applicable not only for professional engineering work, but also for design things to be used in our day-by-day life", — said Mr. Yuri.

Small and practical devices can be created by using just few parts and solids for revolving or drawing. To design “Step machine” for himself, Mr. Yuri relies on professional, cost-effective and easy-to-use Mechanical Computer-Aided Design solution, KOMPAS-3D V10. “In this project I used KOMPAS-3D as tool to manufacture Gym machine used in gyms and at home” — mentioned Mr. Yuri — “I've started with a small solids of revolution or extrude, sheet body and some perforations. In other words — “sculpturing” the solid until getting the parts of the project”.

During the project Mr. Yuri used not only basic functional of the classical 3D modeller, but also special add-ons and applications for KOMPAS-3D, such as Steel Structures 3D (for creating parts of the chassis of the machine), sheet-metal tool (for bases of setting gangorra and feet) and catalogue of standard parts — TraceParts (for not designing of washers, nuts or screws). Few nuts-and-bolts (which are available in any building material store) were used to produce the real product.

Even for the most advanced analysis and complicated design with many thousands of parts there are cost-effective alternatives to the well-known software brands. KOMPAS-3D provides powerful functionality for far less money than its analogues. A good example is the affordable project that Robson Yuri has designed fast and professionally. “KOMPAS is a wonderful tool, versatile, practical and what is also very important – not as expensive as similar level MCAD solutions, so KOMPAS-3D is a very good software — both for work and creativity” — claimed Mr. Yuri.

During last years the growth of technology has impacted great on engineering tools and it has made considerable strides in 3D parametric capabilities. With over 20-years experience in CAD research and development, ASCON suggests the latest parametric techologies, extended and unique functional, quality support and education at affordable pricing both for industrial enterprises and freelancers.

See the result of this project at www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGwrb4z0-bM&feature=channel

More information about Flexonews Editora Ltda at www.flexonews.com.br, www.planetamecanico.com.br

More information about ASCON and KOMPAS-3D at ascon.net

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