MCAD Online Webinars based on KOMPAS-3D

To study 2D and 3D CAD is easy with Free Online Webinars from ASCON

ASCON Group, developer and integrator of award-winning CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, is glad to present online training sessions for 2D and 3D CAD based on recently released KOMPAS-3D V11.

Online Webinars for KOMPAS software solutions are available for current and potential customers, 3D beginners, partners of the company, as well as all the interested in the professional, easy-learning and cost-effective MCAD solution. All the participants will be able to benefit from online familiarization with powerful Mechanical CAD solutions, as well as get support and advice in any questions regarding KOMPAS-3D and KOMPAS-Graphic absolutely for free. The webinars will be held in English by highly qualified specialist from ASCON and will cover general 2D and 3D modeling topics, based on KOMPAS-3D system, as well as consider the novelties of KOMPAS-3D V11 towards to previous versions.

Here is brief overview of upcoming seminars:

  1. KOMPAS-3D V11 New features. Overview of new features: 3D Modelling;
  2. KOMPAS-3D V11 New features. Overview of new features: 2D Modelling and interface;
  3. New applications: Standard Parts, Unwrap Add-On, Steel Structures 3D;
  4. Sketch mode: Import DWG/DXF geometry, creation of real sketch, using parameterization, constrains and variables in sketch mode;
  5. Part creation: Import 3D geometry and applying feature recognize functional, Part creation functional overview, Multibody interface, Boolean features, using parameterization, variables;
  6. 2D in KOMPAS-Graphic: Drawing creation. During this seminar we will be demonstrated all the process of current part drawing — from creation of the new document till printing;
  7. Sheet metal: Review techniques of sheet metal functional of KOMPAS-3D;
  8. Mutibody interface and boolean features: Tutorial how to work with multibody and boolean features functional;
  9. Assembly creation: Assembly modelling;
  10. Assembly creation: Parametrization in assemblies;
  11. Working with BOM: BOM creation and editing BOM styles;
  12. Pipelines 3D: Examples of pipelines design with Pipelines 3D;
  13. CAE stress analysis with APM Studio FEM: Examples of working with application;
  14. CAE dynamic and kinematic analysis with UM express: Examples of working with application.

You are welcome to take part in webinar totally devoted to overview of functionality and possibility of 2D and 3D Parametric Modelling based on KOMPAS-3D and KOMPAS-Graphic solutions. The first two seminars are scheduled for 20th of January and 3rd of February 2010.

To register for webinars or get additional information about KOMPAS solutions, please, contact us at contact@ascon.net.

The number of participants is limited, do not miss an opportunity and register first!

Prepare for webinars and download KOMPAS-3D V11 30-Days Trial at ascon.net/download/kompas/.


KOMPAS-3D, the award-winning Mechanical CAD solution from ASCON provides effective industrial product development, release of design and drafting documentation at affordable and reasonable price.

KOMPAS-3D combines all basic features for Professional, Parametric 3D Modelling, full-scale 2D Design and Drafting opportunities, special add-ons for photo rendering, motion simulation, kinematic and dynamic analysis, import/export from other CAD/AEC/PLM solutions.

KOMPAS solutions are famous for their powerful functionality in the mid-range CAD segment, easy-to-use and learn features and comfortable interface, reasonable price and strong compatibility functions. During over 20 years history of KOMPAS software solutions over 40 000 seats has been installed.

KOMPAS is cost-effective solution. It suggests professional functionality, large assembling, easy learning and fast technical support and most important save your corporate or private budgets. With KOMPAS you won't waste resources and pay only real cost! Download free version of KOMPAS-3D LT at ascon.net.

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