ASCON with the best wishes for Christmas and New Year 2010!

Dear friends!

In one of the most magic time of the year we are glad to felicitate you on upcoming Holidays! We would like cordially to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy, prosperous and joyful New Year. Let all the difficulties and challenges will stay in 2009 and the next one brings only health, success and goals achievement.

We are sincerely grateful to our customers for choosing in favor of our solutions, for trust in the professionalism of ASCON' team. Since 1989 we constantly develop and improve our softwares to allow you achieve best results in the business.

We would like to say special thanks to our partners for successful collaboration, high level of your work and mutual trust. The expiring year 2009 was difficult for all of us, but it was even more pleasant to work with you in the team, meat challenges together and find new ways for our joint development. Together we released an awaited new version of our MCAD solution, KOMPAS-3D V11, with a great success; the software became more available for users all other the world with considerably extending of our resellers network; participation in lots of international and local fairs made KOMPAS more popular and brought us the prosperous contacts and partners; availability to download full-functional version of KOMPAS-3D V11 and try all the wide range of its functionality during 30 days made the solution even closer for users. These and many other activities made us believe in a greater achievements and prosperity in the new year.

In warm appreciation of our pleasant collaboration during the past year we extend our very best wishes for the coming 2010 and hope it'll bring us even more fruitful cooperation.

Sincerely yours, Maxim Bogdanov CEO of ASCON Group

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