KOMPAS-3D Training Center was launched in Germany

ASCON Group, developer and integrator of CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, and its partner in Computer-Aided Design products reselling in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, IBS-CAD-Coaching, are pleased to announce availability of Training Center for professional, powerful and cost-effective MCAD solution, KOMPAS-3D in Lindau, Germany.

Since its inception, ASCON has recognized the importance of providing quality services to help clients meet the demands of the rapid advances in new CAD technologies. The company always pays much attention to the development and delivery of quality training programs. Now together with IBS-CAD-Coaching, which  is focused on CAD-training and CAD-support for many years, we provide high-quality educational program at the heart of the Europe in Germany to allow representatives of commercial industrial enterprises, independent designers, educational institutions or students  to get practical skills in working with professional KOMPAS solutions for parametric 3D Modelling, 2D Drafting and Design. There are two types of  trainings: basic (3 days) and advanced (3 days), after which customers will become excellent CAD-users very fast and will be able to come to a knowledgeable, safe decision about the software. 

A peculiarity of this trainings is that they are available not only for users, but also for those who just think about using 3D software and KOMPAS-3D is a perfect solution for 3D beginners, because of its easy-to-learn and use features. First training was already held in the center from 21st till 23rd  January. Participants of pre-sales seminar learned basics of 3D modeling and parametric, assembling and drawings, sheet-metal modeling and many other features of classical mechanical computer-aided-design on the KOMPAS-3D basis. After the seminar all the participants got  unique opportunity to practice in 3D using one of the most powerful, professional, as well as modern CAD software and temporary professional license of KOMPAS-3D would be available for them for the period up to 1 year for studying or commercial usage.

Nearest KOMPAS Trainings in Lindau, Germany:

  • 16.03.2009 – 18.03.2009
  • 23.03.2009 – 25.03.2009
  • 16.04.2009 – 18.04.2009

For information about schedule please request more details at contact@ascon.net

«For many years offers IBS-CAD-Coaching consulting, training and support in CAD area. Our trainers are qualified CAD designers with teaching experience over a long period of time. As reseller for KOMPAS-3D in Germany, Austria and Switzerland we are in constant, intensive contact with ASCON Group, therefore we are able to include new developments in the software in our trainings program  immediately. Quality of seminar is the most important step for customers in a way to  high-qualified, excellent user of KOMPAS-3D, one of the latest and most powerful 3D CAD program at the market. KOMPAS trainings are available as open group seminars, as well as special seminars just for representatives of one company. Number of participants is limited from one to max. six persons per group for the best training's result. A duration of Basis or Advanced Training is 24 hours or 3 days long. More information please find at IBS-CAD-Coaching web-site: www.kompas-coaching.com» — said Ing. Martin Schlattner, CEO of IBS-CAD-Coaching.

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