KOMPAS-3D V10 — New Version Launched!

ASCON to announce the awaited release of its flagship MCAD Solution

ASCON Group, one of the leading vendors of professional CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, is pleased to announce release of its new, improved and even more powerful version of professional three-dimensional solution for Mechanical Computer-Aided Design — KOMPAS-3D V10.

KOMPAS provides classic framework for 3D Solid Parametric Modelling, 2D Drafting, Design and Release of Documentations. Wide range of add-ons and libraries arrange additional features, such as photo rendering, animation, kinematic and dynamic analysis, extended CAD/CAM/PLM integration and others.

New abilities of KOMPAS-3D considerably to increase efficiency of designing, quality and speed of new products releases and as a result to help growth of industrial enterprise as a whole. We are pleased to share with you some brief information about the innovative improvements and new libraries in KOMPAS-3D V10.

3D Parametric Modelling and Design Improvements

New abilities for 3D parametric modelling are available now: modify dimension values in sketches by editing of solid operations, full-functional solid operations in assembly. Now could be used the same operations when working with parts as when working with assemblies (*.a3d): add/remove material, create fillets, chamfers, ribs etc. Thus now users can create solids belonging to the assembly itself but not to any of its components.

TraceParts Online

KOMPAS-3D V10 includes direct access to TraceParts Online Library - one of the largest Mechanical Part catalogues in the world, and feature to import more than 100 million 3D CAD models and 2D drawings, containing European-based and other parts suppliers in the tooling, machinery, aerospace, automotive and many others industries.

Pipelines 3D

It is a specialized application for system KOMPAS-3D, intended for automation of designing pipes and tubes. The library is perfect for using in mechanical engineering and by designing of engineering networks.

APM Studio FEM

Special partnership application for calculation and finite element analyses of machine elements, designed in KOMPAS, and visualization of results of this calculations.

eCAD-KOMPAS-3D converter

The 3D circuit board model converter is a specialized module used to import a 3D circuit board model designed in systems like P-CAD and Altium Designer (also named Protel in the past). The converter can read the standardized data exchange IDF format in KOMPAS-3D. The converter works with IDF-files exported from P-CAD (v. 2000-2006), OrCAD (v. 9.X), and Altium Designer.


A new library named KOMPAS-Macro is included in the KOMPAS-3D package. It allows recording, replaying and storing macros.

The macro development environment is Python, which is an object-oriented high level programming language. To develop the initial text of a macro, standard Win API functions as well as specialized KOMPAS-Macro library functions facilitating the development process may be used. Following the development, the software text, or so-called KOMPAS macro, is stored in a text file.

Application library

This free library extends basic feature, such as Check closeness, replace texts in different drawing's objects, Associate dimensions features and others.

These are not the only novelties and enhancements in KOMPAS-3D. The considerable updates were implemented in creating BOMs, working with tables, sketchers and graphical documents, interface, new service functions and others.

KOMPAS-3D V10 is the first version of mid-range MCAD solution totally available not only in English, but also and in German language. For ASCON' customers all over the world French, Czech, Polish and Chinese versions of the software are also available. Contact our resellers in over 30 countries to know more about KOMPAS Professional Solution for MCAD.

Download KOMPAS-3D V10 Demo Version at http://ascon.net/download.php

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