ASCON awarded the winners of KOMPAS-3D Modelling Contest 2007!

ASCON hold a ceremony of awarding the winners of the fifth KOMPAS-3D Modelling Contest  in Novotel Moscow Center hotel. Among the Contest participants were industrial enterprises — users of KOMPAS-3D  software solution for Mechanical CAD. Totally 43 companies with 52 projects took part in the Fifth Contest. During the five years of existing the award more than 130 enterprises from Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan had presented their 3D models.

“This year KOMPAS-3D Modelling Contest got projects from practically all branches of machine building area, including transport, power machine, oil and gas, shipbuilding and many others” — noted Oleg Zykov, the product manager of KOMPAS-3D: “Quite a number of participants have just recently started to use the system, but they already obtained impressive results, other enterprises are the longstanding customers of KOMPAS-3D solution and also use complex solutions from ASCON, like LOODSMAN:PLM and VERTICAL, CADD solution”.

As usual Contests the jury established several nominations for achievements in the field of 3D Modeling. Professionalism of the participants was so high that two second and two third places were established.

All projects winners were united by similar success criterion: parametrization of sketches with control dimensions, trimmings in assemblies, active use of all possibilities of KOMPAS-3D: bending, stamping, massifs, macroelements etc. All projects contain complex parts and sub-assemblies, units worked out with high quality. Here we present the winners of KOMPAS-3D Modelling Contest 2007:

III place

Harmonic Filter Harmonic Filter

FSUE "Omsk Research Institute of instrument engineering"
Project “Harmonic Filter

Total Parts: 4384
Unique Parts: 375
Standard Parts: 1955
Complexity level of assemblies: 5

Rolling cutter drilling machine Rolling cutter drilling machine

JSC "Rudgormash",
Project “Rolling cutter drilling machine

Total Parts: 14474
Unique Parts: 9225
Standard Parts: 3850
Complexity level of assemblies: 19

II place

Calibration mill Calibration mill

JSC "Electrostal factory of heavy engineering" (EZTM),
Project “Calibration mill

Total Parts: 11026
Unique Parts: 11026;
Complexity level of assemblies: 5

Electric locomotive carriage Electric locomotive carriage

JSC “Kolomensky zavod
Project “Electric locomotive carriage

Total Parts: 7361
Unique Parts: 4423
Standard Parts: 2413
Complexity level of assemblies: 16

I place

Loader-Digger Loader-Digger

JSC "Sarex"
Project “Loader-Digger

Total Parts: 3491
Unique Parts: 2354
Standard Parts: 787
Complexity level of assemblies: 6

The winner, JSC “Sarex” showed in the project the complexity of surfaces in the digger cabin, used of optimum modelling methods, high level of working out of all movable units, as well as creation of photorealistic images of loader-digger generated in Photorealistica add-on for KOMPAS-3D.

The absolute winner of the Contest was awarded by powerful graphic station equipped with video card NVIDIA Quadro and pre-installed latest version of 3D solid modeling system KOMPAS-3D V9.

In the end of the year ASCON traditionally starts to accept new applications! We welcome you to prepare competition projects, widen the community of KOMPAS-3D users.

Today 3D modeling of industrial products is one of the sources of increasing the rate of output and quality of new products, one of the way of reducing errors in design, important resource for business efficiency growth. All around the world 3D design is an universally recognized practice. Increasingly more enterprises in Russia and abroad use this technologies successfully. KOMPAS-3D, developed by Russian specialists, provides customers with optimum possibilities for quick transition to new technologies of 3D modeling!

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