Softool-2006: KOMPAS-4 and KOMPAS-5 anniversary, announcements about Russian developer support, a show at CAD-Expo

ASCON reviews the participation at Softool-2006 exhibition – the leading Russian forum of software developers.

Company's exhibition schedule included a wide range of arrangements whether at ASCON' showcase or in the context of CAD-Expo as a whole.

Meetings with representatives of departments which are responsible for domestic IT field took place. ASCON began the celebration of its base product's previous versions anniversary during exhibition days. This software became a historic milestone for the evolution of Russian CAD market.

Ten years ago, in September 1996 KOMPAS 5 was first-time presented at Windows Expo 96 in Moscow. KOMPAS 4.0' presentation at "Machine-building-1991" will be 15 years in December 2006. Tens of thousands of engineers have become familiar with new design technology with KOMPAS during that time. Our country colleges have trained hundreds of thousands of interns for domestic industry. These specialists will be able to work with KOMPAS at enterprises as soon as they will have graduated.

In the context of festive arrangements ASCON' showcase visitors acquainted with KOMPAS 4 and 5 versions could leave their opinions about the software and win prizes. We appreciate all for warm words concerning ASCON and KOMPAS!

The participants of "Your story about KOMPAS v 4 and 5" action.

Alexander Pchelkin and Valentina Khlebnikova (SPKTB "Mosgidrostal")
Olga Ustyuzhenova ("Molot", Vyatskie Polyany)
Anatoly Eliseev ("Tulachermet")

Softool exhibition is traditionally directed to support of Russian software developers above all. Vladimir Matyukhin, the head of IT Federal agency, participating in commencement meeting outlined its meaning for domestic IT-industry. On the second day of Softool, V. Matyukhin met with representatives of leading IT companies and discussed different issues of domestic information technologies development. Eugene Bakhin, the head of ASCON strategic development, took part in the discussion.

Let's return to the ASCON' exhibition schedule. The company took part in CAD-Expo arrangements which gathered solution suppliers for design and engineering data management. For the first time ASCON appeared at CAD-show CAE, in spite of performance at CAD-show 3D in "Machine-building design" class. Unique features and high calculating speed of "Universal mechanism" library were shown in a comparison with the similar solution - T-Flex "Dynamics". ASCON' colors were being defended by Vyatcheslav Kashirsky and Dmitry Agapov.

Dmitry Agapov is working with Universal mechanism Express. Vyatcheslav Kashirsky is giving comments for audience.

Inflammatory competitions for working in KOMPAS-3D and VERTICAL systems were being held at the showcase for all of exhibition days. The competitions attracted both: enterprise experts and students, advanced and new users of ASCON solutions. In many respects thanks to interactive program it was populous, festively and brightly at ASCON' showcase and near our exposure till the last hours of the exhibition. The contest participants showed how usable can be work in ASCON systems. Projects designed by "Full diving" competition participants can be found at ASCON solutions user forum.

Softool as a whole demonstrated its highest authority among other IT-exhibitions in Russia. CAD-Expo stays an excellent area for meeting with faithful users of ASCON solutions and future company's customers, leading IT experts and mass media representatives. ASCON wishes success, new opportunities and designs to its customers and partners. See you at Softool-2007 in a year!

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