ASCON and Lightworks Announce Results of Rendering Contest

ASCON Group, developer and integrator of professional CAD/AEC/PLM, and Lightworks, the world's leading supplier of rendering solutions, are pleased to announce the results of a competition organised for users of the professional MCAD solution, KOMPAS-3D, with its Artisan Rendering system.

The photorealistic contest is a brand new event for both the organisers and for KOMPAS-3D users. Many of the participants were trying rendering for the first time — the projects were created by designers, engineers, students of institutes and even schools! Artisan Rendering allows users, even beginners, to create photorealistic images from KOMPAS-3D data very fast and easily.

The Contest’s expert Judging Panel included specialists from ASCON and Lightworks as well as independent experts. The Panel’s choice of winner was unanimous — and the best project was named “Summer House” by Leonid Platonov! He received a super-prize — a digital reflex camera.

The winning project: “Summer House” by Leonid Platonov

"Summer House" is compositionally well-designed with good placement of furnishings, — said Slava Kashirsky, International Product Manager at ASCON. — The jury concluded that were was an excellent choice of camera characteristics and perspective, as well as good use of light sources. The designer’s skillful usage of all of these components led us to our choice of winner."

David Forrester, Managing Director at Lightworks agreed, adding "This image has good lighting, properly selected materials and demonstrated excellent photo montage!".

The finalists of the photorealistic contest were: "Compressor" by Alexander Kulbashnogo, "Steam" by Mary Shepelenko and "Room" by Alexander Voytyuk.




The organisers of the contest thank all of the participants for their entries!

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