Artisan Rendering Add-In

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The Artisan Rendering add-in is for generating photorealistic images quickly and easily from 3D models created in KOMPAS-3D. The add-in creates high quality images of 3D parts and assemblies, even while they are being designed in KOMPAS-3D.

To generate the renderings, the add-in uses high-quality OpenGL hardware rendering for setup and review, and then powerful, scalable CPU-based rendering for high quality, ray traced, and globally illuminated images.

The Artisan Rendering add-in comes fully loaded with predefined materials, lights, environments, and backgrounds so that you can get started right away, creating great images. The add-in comes with pre-configured workflows and easy-to-use applications, such as drag-and-drop rendering styles.

Photorealistic image rendered by Artisan Rendering add-in of a KOMPAS-3D model.

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