IV KOMPAS-3D Modeling Contest. 2006 year

III Place

Fretsaw PM4-700E

Fretsaw PM4-700E Fretsaw PM4-700E Fretsaw PM4-700E Fretsaw PM4-700E

OAO “Phiolent Plant”, Simferopol
Used during furniture production, in repair and construction works, etc. Application program has been developed during this unit design using API KOMPAS and WINDOWS, implementing function of assembly item turning “Gear” and imparting movement to the whole saw swaying mechanism by overlapped interfaces. Program allows calculating of maximum stroke center for the whole assembly and recording with subsequent transmission of the item centroid coordinates to MS EXCEL.
During modeling, several options of parts were refined with the purpose to obtain minimum values of centroid changes, which in turn causes minimum vibration and speed characteristics of the item. Currently, pilot samples demonstrate excellent values by noise and vibrations of the saw swaying mechanism.
Total parts:
Unique parts:
Standard parts:

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