Just few hours to become familiar with KOMPAS-3D

ASCON to announce the winner of LT Modelling Contest

ASCON Group, developer and integrator of CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, is pleased to announce results of KOMPAS-3D Modelling Contest for users of Light version of the solution. It was held from November 2008 till 15th February 2009. Author of the winner project, Mr. Michal Prech from Poland with its “Milling plotter” was awarded with a prize – full version of powerful, professional and cost-effective system KOMPAS-3D for one year.

Models were estimated according to:

  • Idea of project – an interesting theme, applicability, creativity of design;
  • Project complexity (number of created features, sketches, and etc);
  • Project quality (existence of mistakes in the model, in links, in design tree, in 2D geometry of sketches and etc);
  • Capacity of used functional: using different features in 2D and 3D;
  • Using of collaboration;
  • Using additional functional: applying own application and creation of it.

Mr. Prech is an experienced CAD user –  he is working with such systems for 8 years and now is an employee of Polish division of developer and producer of next-generation products for the automobile industry, BOWA-electronic GmbH & Co. Project of the winner was made by 278 operations in KOMPAS-3D V10 LT and is dedicated for milling of light materials, such as plastic and aluminum (CNC steering). “The contest project was the first solid one for me in KOMPAS-3D. I was becoming familiar with the solution, which is is very intuitive, during preparation of “Milling plotter”, – said Mr. Michal Prech. 

KOMPAS-3D V10 LT is functionally reduced version of the popular three-dimensional solid modelling system, which could be used and downloaded free of charge at ascon.net/download.php. It is a perfect way for those who starts learning 3D, as well as for persons who would like to rise designer's skills or just try in use and familiarize with new, complex MCAD solution. Light version of KOMPAS combines all basic features for classical parametric 3D modelling, 2D drafting, design, release of documentation and interactive learning system KOMPAS-ABC in one and allows designers worldwide to learn advantages of using professional MCAD software very quickly. “I was very nice surprised with KOMPAS-3D – the way of usage is very clear, all functions I needed I found without problems, user interface is very friendly and creations of models intuitive. It gives the wide range of possibilities for edition of operation during its creation. For me it took just about 10 hours to prepare a project, including familiarization with the software. Abilities as for free version of 3D software are very ample, it is a pleasure to use it and KOMPAS is really high level solution. It is difficult to find disadvantages of the software. I am very curious of Professional version and its possibilities – for sure they are very big”, – claimed  Michal Prech.

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