KOMPAS-3D Model Recognition add-on simplifies models exchange between different CAD solutions

ASCON announces about the availability of new add-on for its 3D Parametric Solid Modelling solution KOMPAS-3D. 3D-Model Recognition System is intended for recognition of part or assembly elements, being imported to KOMPAS-3D from another CAD solutions. 3D-Model Recognition System extends opportunities of information exchange between organizations using different CAD systems, including recovering its 3D-models with comprehensive Design Tree and considerable saves time for model recognition.  This add-on allows full-scale use of part or assembly documents in KOMPAS-3D environment, including its editing.

ASCON has always paid much attention to import/export functions in KOMPAS-3D solution and supported most common CAD formats had inside the basic version for free (including DXF, DWG, IGES, SAT, XT and others). Now KOMPAS-3D customers who combine other CAD solutions at their enterprise or exchange models with partners having other corporate standards, will benefit from a extended KOMPAS-3D collaboration features and better import/export opportunities of the solution.

3D-Model Recognition System will be supplied as separate add-on for KOMPAS-3D. The system works with imported models of any format supporting by KOMPAS-3D: ACIS (*.sat), IGES (*.igs), Parasolid (*.x_t, *.x_b), STEP AP203 (*.stp, *.step). Design Tree is created as a result or recognition. It allows both editing definition of constituent elements to modify their parameters and editing sketches to change the geometry of elements, based on sketches.


KOMPAS-3D, the award-winning Mechanical CAD solution from ASCON provides effective industrial product development, release of design and drafting documentation. KOMPAS-3D combines all basic features for Parametric 3D Solid Modelling, full-scale 2D Design and Drafting opportunities, special add-ons for photo rendering, motion simulation, kinematic and dynamic analysis. KOMPAS solutions are famous for its powerful functionality in the mid-range CAD segment, easy-to-use and learn features and comfortable interface, reasonable price and strong compatibility functions. During over 17 years history of KOMPAS software solutions it has subscribed 3000+ corporate customers with over 30 000 seats installed.

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