New application for kinematic and dynamic analysis in KOMPAS-3D

ASCON announce about the availability of Universal Mechanism Express — specialized add-on for simulation in KOMPAS-3D

Universal Mechanism Express, new application for KOMPAS-3D professional MCAD Solution, is intended for simulation of kinematics and dynamics of planar and spatial mechanical systems.

ASCON presents the application in common with the Laboratory of Computational Mechanics (Bryansk, Russia). The application is oriented to practical engineers who are involved in problems of dynamics of machines and mechanisms. Universal Mechanism works as a standard KOMPAS-3D application.

Mechanical systems are described by means of representing them as systems of rigid bodies connected by various kinematical pairs and force elements. Online animation of motion and plots of dynamical performances are available during simulation. There are lots of measurable dynamical performances of mechanical systems: coordinates, velocities and accelerations, active forces and moments, spring forces etc.

The Application supports following features:

  • Working with linear force-summing elements or variable according to harmonic rule, which included in fixed model database;
  • Setting of uniform, uniformly accelerated/retarded motion or its variation according to harmonic rule for kinematics purposes;
  • Ability to solve solid contacts (the task is being solved under condition of non-intersection of solids during kinematic and dynamic motion).

Universal Mechanism application for KOMPAS-3D allows:

  • elements and kinematic relation parameterization;
  • creating video (AVI) files of motion simulation results;
  • construction of graph of any dynamic or kinematic characteristic;
  • parameters related equilibrium position and model own frequencies calculation.

Full KOMPAS-3D models recognition is provided. Work result visualization displays in a separate window. User can get object motion data, object's dynamic and kinematic characteristics during the simulation process. This data is produced as graphs.
Universal Mechanism application allows dynamic analysis of assemblies, designed with KOMPAS-3D and consisted of unlimited quantity of rigid bodies. Wide range of joints allows creating mechanism kinematic schemes of any complexity. Following joint (kinematic pair) types are available:

  • translation;
  • rotational;
  • gimbals;
  • spherical;
  • with 6 degrees of freedom.

The application includes about twenty samples of dynamic models, brought to show Universal Mechanism for KOMPAS-3D abilities in the modelling area of car suspension’s kinematics and dynamics, engines, robots, mechanisms and machines. Help includes detailed leading into modelling and step-by-step instructions for all stages of model creating and analysis.

Check DEMO Version of Universal Mechanism!

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