Free of Charge Mobile Game Application for Designers

ASCON Releases a New Application for Android and iOS

ASCON Group, a leading developer of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM software systems, is pleased to present Machinator (translated from Latin as “inventor”), a mobile game application. Machinator helps develop engineering thinking in three-dimensional space.

The mobile constructor provides the possibility of timed assembly of interesting three-dimensional models with differing degrees of complexity – from a meat grinder to a helicopter. The game was released for the iOS and Android operating systems.

The application has its own “store”, where players can select among the variants offered for assembly free model or purchase a more intricate one. Any model, be it a microscope, motorcycle or transformer robot, has the necessary number of details sufficient for assembly. Assembly can be started with any of them; the main thing is to find the location of the detail in space. Assembly is timed with the help of a timer. In case of difficulty, players can opt to be given a clue, but there is a time penalty for doing so. Players can share their results with other players by posting the resulting assembly on their Facebook account page.

Anyone can be the author of a game model. If you know how to work in 3D modeling systems, then it won’t be too hard to create a model in KOMPAS-3D or KOMPAS-3D Home and send it for inclusion in the game. In the near future, a special resource will be opened for accepting Machinator models from the public.

The game was created to accommodate work with different 3D models on mobile devices and employs the most modern technologies that allow users to play with models of varying degrees of complexity and scale.

The game can currently be downloaded from AppStore and an GooglePlay.

To try out to create a model, download our 30-day free trial of KOMPAS-3D V14.

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