Deelip Menezes highly appreciated new KOMPAS-3D V11

One of the leading CAD experts reviewed recently released ASCON' solution

Deelip Menezes, one of the most popular CAD-blogger, released a five part series review on professional Mechanical Computer-Aided Design solution from ASCON, KOMPAS-3D V11, at his portal Deelip.com.

In first part of his testing Mr. Menezes familiarized himself with the user interface and did some basic part modeling to create a piston. At this stage he mentioned, that functionality and way of design in KOMPAS are similar to other brand-known 3D solid modellers: “The general workflow in KOMPAS-3D is pretty much like any other history based parametric solid modeler. You start with a 2D sketch, extrude it to a 3D solid and then proceed from there on”. Especially was appreciated interactive learning system - KOMPAS-ABC, included in the basic software version. It allows users of any level to learn advantages of professional MCAD software and start working in KOMPAS just after 12 easy lessons. “If you do not want to get lost trying to find where things are and how to use them (which is not very different from other similar modelers), you may want to try out the first tutorial aptly titled “Creating First Part“. You can access the tutorials by clicking Help > KOMPAS-3D ABC. This first tutorial will help you get accustomed with the way sketching is done in KOMPAS-3D as well as how features are added. The tutorials appear to be well done. You can click the images of the toolbar buttons in the tutorial and the button will be highlighted in the application window. That helps a lot,” - said Deelip Menezes.

At the second part he created a piston pin, connecting rod, end cap and assembled them together with the piston. At the end of the stage he drew following conclusion: “From the little modeling that I have done in KOMPAS-3D so far, I can say that the software is not difficult to use at all. Once you get accustomed to the way the user interface is laid out (which does not take a very long time) you can easily start modeling parts and assemblies”.

During next 3 parts Mr. Menezes tried abilities of KOMPAS-3D in creation of his own Piston Cup, surfacing, as well as in sheet metal design with cooking up probably the world’s first die in sheet metal.

At the end of his review, Deelip Menezes resumed: “In summary, KOMPAS-3D is very much like any other history based parametric modeling system. Here I am referring to the general flow of modeling operations, not details of its individual features. I believe ASCON uses its own home grown modeling kernel in KOMPAS-3D and does not use one of the two industry standard kernels – Parasolid or ACIS. If you have some experience in any history based parametric modeler you will be able to pick up KOMPAS-3D without much trouble.”.

See the full review wrote by Deelip Menezes at:
KOMPAS-3D V11 – Part 1: www.deelip.com/?p=1026
KOMPAS-3D V11 – Part 2: www.deelip.com/?p=1030
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KOMPAS-3D V11 – Part 5: www.deelip.com/?p=1073

To download free full-functional version of KOMPAS-3D for your own 30 days Trial, please, visit ascon.net/download/kompas/


KOMPAS-3D, the award-winning Mechanical CAD solution from ASCON provides effective industrial product development, release of design and drafting documentation at affordable and reasonable price.

KOMPAS-3D combines all basic features for Professional, Parametric 3D Modelling, full-scale 2D Design and Drafting opportunities, special add-ons for photo rendering, motion simulation, kinematic and dynamic analysis, import/export from other CAD/AEC/PLM solutions.

KOMPAS solutions are famous for their powerful functionality in the mid-range CAD segment, easy-to-use and learn features and comfortable interface, reasonable price and strong compatibility functions. During over 20 years history of KOMPAS software solutions over 40 000 seats has been installed.

KOMPAS is cost-effective solution. It suggests professional functionality, large assembling, easy learning and fast technical support and most important save your corporate or private budgets. With KOMPAS you won't waste resources and pay only real cost! Download free version of KOMPAS-3D LT at ascon.net.

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