Import/Export within different CAD even easier now in KOMPAS-3D

ASCON Group, developer and integrator of professional CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, realizes importance of supplying its customers with abilities for easy and quick data exchange with third parties CAD solutions and pays much attention to it development. Since KOMPAS-3D V10, users are provided with an extended set of various converters for collaboration with other software for design, engineering calculations, preparation of control programs and others in the basic version of the software.

KOMPAS-3D is a professional, powerful and cost-effective Mechanical CAD solution, which is perfect not only for 3D Parametric Solid Modelling, but also for full-functional 2D Drafting, Design and Release of Documentation with KOMPAS-Graphic, system included in the basis version of the software. KOMPAS supports many formats for comfortable and effective import and export of data – among them is DWG, one of the most widespread one in working with 2D. There is a complete import of data, such as line styles, text styles, dimensions, geometrical primitives and any other information that is necessary for user’s work.

KOMPAS-3D provided accurate import of DWG-data from the project created in Autodesk AutoCAD

If the user needs to create 3D-models by sketches, then it is enough to copy required elements of the model to the sketch preparation environment of 3D model and create a solid according to these sketches (at the same time mates and dimensions are also transferred to the sketch environment of 3D part).

The geometry from *.dwg files can be easily used for creating 3D-models and units in KOMPAS-3D

With regards to 3D data exchange, KOMPAS offers all the main and world most popular formats, such as  IGES®, SAT, STEP, Parasolid and others. There are a lot of examples among ASCON customers in machinery, aerospace, defence, automotive, shipbuilding and many other industries, when KOMPAS-3D is used together with such solutions like Catia. Users are able easy to import a model from the high-end system to KOMPAS just  having saved given model to STEP format. With help of 3D-Model Recognition System, which is included in basis version of KOMPAS-3D V10, user recreates the model tree automatically. The ability essentially simplifies modification of the imported model and considerably reduces time of model reconstruction imported from other CAD systems. This method is universal for operation with any three-dimensional models and can be used for data import from any CAD software.

Using ample functional of the import together with the 3D-Model Recognition System user imports the model with no data losses and considerably reduces time for its subsequent editing

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