ASCON hold KOMPAS-3D training and certification in Scandinavia

ASCON, together with NC-Tuote Oy (ASCON representative in the territory of Finland), conducted a KOMPAS-3D training seminar for partners and customers in  Scandinavian countries. The training program includes practical aspects of design and drawing in KOMPAS-3D, solution for 3D Solid Parametric Modelling, 2D Drafting and Design.

During three days program participants learned basis of 3D Modelling and Draw Creation in KOMPAS, Parametric Models, Samples and Assemblies Creation, Sheet-Metal Modelling and other topics. The specialized applications for KOMPAS, namely Animation, Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis, Photorendering, were also considered during the training. Special attention was paid to collaborative features of KOMPAS software: the import/export tools of solution basic functional, as well as add-on for recognizing 3D Models.

In  the last days of the training ASCON traditionally awarded KOMPAS-3D Certificates to participants of the seminar and dealers.

“Becoming familiar with the KOMPAS system, with the help of the experienced ASCON instructor, was very important to us. It was really interesting to observe, that KOMPAS system includes all properties of versatile CAD system, and the User Interface of KOMPAS is visually very clear, and easy to learn. As a whole, we experienced, that the seminar here in Lahti, Finland was a great success”, said Vilho Vestala on behalf of NC-Tuote Oy.

KOMPAS-3D seminar in Finland

It is not the first experience of KOMPAS international training seminars. Just few months ago ASCON trained group of its European Dealers and Distributives in ASCON St-Petersburg Headquarter Office, that time partners from Germany, UK, Slovak Republic were certificated. Even before ASCON Turkish partners also took a KOMPAS training during seminar in Istanbul.  ASCON planning the next KOMPAS seminar in July 2007, in St-Petersburg, Russia and welcomes you to take part!

Slava Kashirsky, Trainer and KOMPAS product manager awards participants of Finland training with KOMPAS-3D Certificates

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