DEXMA Labs releases plm solution with new approach for small to mid-sized companies

Affordable, Integrated PLM and Manufacturing Management Software Can Be Deployed On-site or in the Cloud

St. Petersburg, Russia, May 30, 2013 –DEXMA Labs announced today at COFES Russia the release of the production version of DEXMA, a next generation product lifecycle management (PLM) software solution. Designed specifically for small to mid-sized (SMB) manufacturing companies who perform product engineering, this affordable and easy to deploy solution goes beyond traditional PLM software, adding manufacturing solutions to a powerful feature set.

DEXMA’s core functionality is product design management. Using DEXMA, engineers and designers have all the functionality they need to manage complex projects including project planning and work routing. For manufacturing, DEXMA offers closed loop manufacturing requirement planning (MRP), which includes purchase order management and mBOM creation–features often found only in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The combined design and manufacturing functionality of DEXMA allows SMBs to deploy a cost-effective, next generation solution to manage their product lifecycle.

«Today’s manufacturing/engineering SMBs are trying to innovate and increase productivity,» stated Nikolai Nyrkov, CEO, DEXMA Labs. «DEXMA is a new approach because it lets companies streamline their business processes, empowering people to work as they want to work, at a fraction of the cost of other PLM solutions. By utilizing the DEXMA manufacturing capabilities, the SMB may also avoid the cost of implementing an ERP system.»

Unlike competing solutions in the industry, DEXMA Labs offers businesses two options for deployment, allowing companies to choose the solution that best meets their unique needs.

  • Cloud deployment reduces capital expenditures, speeds implementation, streamlines management, has automated updates and is scalable. In addition to data being secure, it may be extracted — which means at any time, all data can be quickly and easily backed-up or used for other purposes.
  • On-premise deployment is available for companies who would rather have their data hosted within their own firewall for security or other factors. A company may begin with a cloud instance and then migrate to on-premise. This type of deployment is also fast and easy, taking only a matter of hours on the customer’s own hardware.

Pricing plans are affordable and start at $19 (USD) per user, per month. Visit www.dexma-plm.com for information on where and how to purchase DEXMA.

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