Software Development Conference C3DevCon 2021

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news 20 September 2021

Software Development Conference C3DevCon 2021

C3D Labs C3DevCon conference will this year take place October 14, starting at 10:00am CEST. The online conference is designed for developers of engineering software who

  • Already work with the C3D geometric kernel
  • Want to develop their 3D products using modern software tools
  • Is interested in 3D modeling

During the conference, we will present our new developments in the fields of surface modeling and Web visualization, and of improved tools in existing C3D components.

Some of our customers will share their experience using C3D components. The end of the conference will feature all developers coming together to answer questions raised during the conference.

The C3DevCon 2021 Program

Here are the key topics you can expect to hear about during the upcoming conference:

Web Visualization. We tell you in detail about our new component, C3D Web Vision, which allows developers to write server-client engineering applications.

Modeling F-Curves. Our developers describe the brand new module for modeling fair curves and surfaces.

C3D Toolkit 2021. We present all of the new and improved features found in the 2021 release of all our components: C3D Modeler, C3D Solver, C3D Converter, C3D Vision, and C3D B-Shaper.

The program for the conference is being developed, and will be available soon at this page to get more details of what C3DevCon 2021 brings to you.

About Participating in C3DevCon 2021

The conference will be conducted in English. This is free to attend, but you need to register by clicking the button below.

You can ask us questions through our email

We are looking forward to meeting you online at our C3DevCon 2021 conference for developers.

Best regards,
The C3D Labs Team

C3D Labs