ADEM CAD/CAM Switches Geometric Kernel to C3D. C3D Labs Lands Competitive Win

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news 31 January 2022

ADEM CAD/CAM Switches Geometric Kernel to C3D. C3D Labs Lands Competitive Win

January 31, 2022 -- The ADEM group of companies, a Russian software developer producing software for design and CAM pre-production, has licensed the C3D Modeler geometric kernel from C3D Labs. The kernel will be part of the new ADEM-VX software package and ADEM-VX CAM add-on to KOMPAS-3D. The kernel replaces a Spatial ACIS geometric kernel from Dassault Systems, which previously carried out 3D modeling functions.

ADEM-VX automates the primary design and engineering tasks carried out by mechanical engineers, including the production of tools, stamps, press molds, and complex tooling. The ADEM-VX CAM module for KOMPAS-3D is part of the CAD system’s interface, and is used for designing CNC machining operations.

ADEM needed to switch to the C3D geometric kernel in its products so that it would be more closely integrated with ASCON’s KOMPAS-3D MCAD system, which is also built on the C3D kernel. Using the same kernel eliminates problems otherwise created when geometry moves from the CAD design stage to the CAM manufacturing stage.

C3D Labs worked with the ADEM development team to find solutions to complex issues, such as adapting the code to work with C3D’s splines and replacing classes of the previous geometric kernel with C3D’s classes.

“Replacing a geometric kernel is always a challenge for an established product with a long history of development,” said Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs. “But we have accumulated a lot of experience in helping customers making kernel changes to their software.”

As a result of switching the kernel to C3D, ADEM products now have 3D modeling functions that fully meet the needs of the company.

About ADEM Group of Companies

ADEM Group was founded in 1994, and today produces end-to-end CAD/CAM/CAPP design systems. The company’s solutions help automate design and technological pre-production, and manages engineering data using on modern software and hardware systems.

Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs